This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun (video) (update)

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80 Comments to This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun (video) (update)

  1. the design and concept is awesome but it doesn’t seem very practical except to have something cooler than your friends that isn’t so useful that you can show off.

  2. Treylambert27

    useless when zombies attack…takes 361238947631249634 days  to take apart and make into a pistol. but still pretty cool

    • That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? Even a novice can put it together in 361238947631249632 days so I’m sure with practice it’ll only take 361238947631249629 days.

  3. Tracboy17

    regardless if it is a metal gun, plastic gun, nylon, glass..etc…
    its a well designed and meticulously built sculpture/puzzle; siding as a neo-like weapon.
    am i really reading comments suggesting a cube is much from a rectangular prism? after watching 5 minutes of designing genius, I'm reading comments that nearly mock the intelligence of the builder, after it took over a year of production?
    shame on the viewers who commented on to this purely to make fun…please do the same and see if your design matches up.

  4. “Alright nobody move, this is a holdup!”
    “Sir, that's a cube”
    “DANG I forgot to assemble it, gimme half an hour willya?”

  5. Manlyman111

    its basically the perfect murder weapon. kill someone then hide the gun and no one will ever know where it is. lol

  6. Lankmaster9000

    I'm surprised no one else mentioned that the damn thing weighs 40-45 lbs….. that's pretty heavy to be toting around in a carry on bag

  7. Jamesfollano

    I don't know how It would help if some one wanted you dead at that moment, come on. No ones going to sit there and wait for you to loud a gun letalone take a stupid recktangal apart to shoot them. I think weaponry should be, fast silent, and aquret to the tuch. Then you don't even know how aquret it would be because it reasembals a musket the way you loud it. I just think if I had a 9mm and you had that I'd win every time even if I had a slingshot

    • Bobbijoe123

      Luckily enough for us makers of such weaponry can actually spell.
      Let alone

    • Bobbarker123

      because he can…and you cant, or wont, or whatever. Dont see him mocking you everytime you taper a perfect turd.

      There are paintings people worship that I dont understand, that to me dont do anything other than eat enormous security and display budgets, but I dont go around bashing them.

  8. Three comments
    1) WTF is the blue fingernail all about?
    2) That's not a 'cube' now, is it?
    3) Its more proper to say it 'contains' a gun, not that it 'becomes' one.

    • Alchemist5

      There is no gun 'inside' the cube. You don't open it and find a gun. You take the cube apart and rearrange the pieces to make a gun.
      It's like saying “The fire truck 'contains' a giant robot.” when referring to Optimus Prime.
      Cube is easier to say than “rectangular prism”. Sounds better, too.

      • This is more like Optimus Prime becoming a giant robot and tossing away truck parts. So when he needs to turn into a truck again he has to pick all those pieces…

          • P H Mcelroy

            no they aren’t so shut up. also, as stated previously, wtf is up with the singular nail painted blue? go hard or go home. go the whole 9 yards if you gonna be a bawss

  9. London cheap theatre tickets

    Maybe 1 dozen or so of the 100+ parts are actually used for the gun. The rest is just a metal container around those parts. And it's a muzzle loader. Not overly impressive.

  10. Prustage95

    The simple question is WHY?? Couldn't this man's ingenuity have been better employed in creating something that was constructive – of benefit to people rather than yet another way of killing them?

  11. Frickandfrack

    It appears to be a weapon of assassination by design. The point is not self defense but hiding a weapon in plain sight. If you wait to get the powder until you get to your destination and a little lead paint, you could probably get it wherever you want. Think Hitman.

    • King James

      I'd just use a carbonfiber string thats prity strong stuff. And rap it around some ones neck from behind and rip into there jugular. That's quiet when you rip in to some ones vocalcords, but then again I guess if you had enof time and the right place it could work but then you need to look at the fact you don't Know if it's aquret.

  12. see you in tees

    Only the items in on the far right eighth of the middle picture are used in the assembly of the gun, this is real.

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