Owle SLR iPhone Mount

This is the granddaddy of all iPhone lens mounts.  It’s crafted from a 1.1lb solid piece of anodized billet aluminum, and has dual handle grips, a tripod mount and native support for Canon SLR lenses. In reality, though, it’s just an OWLE mount that has been modified to work with the iPhone 4 (maybe, OWLE doesn’t offer that yet) and SLR lenses.

Unfortunately, the mounting system DOES NOT work, at least according to it’s maker.  Additionally, since the lens isn’t hitting the sensor, the iPhone camera is effectively just taking a picture of what the lens sees.

This set up has enabled the iPhone camera to have optical zoom. But overall the results of the configuration are completely useless. There are two major problems here:
1) The iPhone camera is unable to focus on the image projected by the Canon lens.
2) The image projected from the lens is not large enough to take up the whole angle of view.
Fundamentally this design is not going to work as is. I’m going to have to figure out a configuration of intermediate optics. Perhaps a combination of a reflecting screen and a macro lens.

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Christen Costa

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