zemno deskbook dock

Zemno’s new DeskBook Pro docking station is a sight to behold. It gives your laptop access to seven USB ports, 3 FireWire 800 ports, 1 FireWire 400 port, 1 ESATA data connection, 1 ESATA power connection, DVI output, stereo input/output, and a memory card reader. There’s also two hatches on the front which allow either a 500GB hard drive or a battery to power the dock without the need for a power cable. Though its design fits well with Apple’s MacBook Pro line, the dock is compatible with most laptops up to 15 inches that have USB and FireWire ports. All these features don’t come cheap — the DeskBook Pro is available now and will set you back $600, with the battery and hard drive as optional additions.


Chris Gullo