Monthly Archives: July 2010


Motorola Unveils Their Tough As Nails i1 Smartphone


Motorola’s new i1 smartphone is built to last, with military-grade toughness that should be beneficial for those prone to dropping their devices (or those that have kids who do the dropping for them). Sprint will be carrying the phone. Besides that, other specs for the phone include the Android 1.5...

Owle SLR iPhone Mount

The Granddaddy Of All iPhone Lens Mounts


This is the granddaddy of all iPhone lens mounts.  It’s crafted from a 1.1lb solid piece of anodized billet aluminum, and has dual handle grips, a tripod mount and native support for Canon SLR lenses. In reality, though, it’s just an OWLE mount that has been modified to work with...

Brother Shake Rechargeable Batteries

Shake To Recharge These Batteries


Any where you look you can find some form of energy.  These batteries from Brother can be physically shook to be recharged.  Hard to believe I know.  It’s not clear how much energy can be produced by physically rattling the batteries, but our guess is that the ratio is rather...


Rumor: Mac Pro Refresh Coming This Summer


Ah, Apple rumors. Gotta love them. After yesterday’s MacBook Air rumblings, we’ve got a new tip today on a refresh of the Mac Pro line that seems a little more plausible. The update would add USB 3.0 support, as well as FireWire 1600 and 3200 ports, which are two specs...


Sleep In 8-Bit Style With This Pixelated Bed


Live in 8-Bit style with this cool design for a pixelated bed. Designed by Spanish Cristian Zuzunaga for Swedish mattress company Hastens as part of a Wallpaper Magazine showcase, this bed has a colorful “rainbow pixel” style. Despite it’s retro appearance, though, it contains fine materials like horsehair, linen, wool, cotton, and solid...