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iPhone Antenn-Aid

The iPhone Antenn-Aid Is Cute & Ridiculous


Okay, so holding the iPhone 4 in the wrong way will drop your signal. You’ll be getting a free case to fix it, but that sorta ruins the nice design of the phone, doesn’t it? If you’re dead set on holding the phone with your thumb on the antenna without...

apple magic trackpad

Apple’s Magic Trackpad Gets FCC Approval


Last month, pictures floated around purporting to be of an Apple multi-touch “magic trackpad” with Bluetooth connectivity, that would bring the same functionality as their unibody MacBook trackpads to other devices. Now, the FCC has approved a device with the same functionality. Model Number A1339 is a multitouch device that...

HP Slate

The HP Tablet Saga Continues: “Palmpad” Trademark Registered


The saga of HP’s tablet continues. HP has filed a trademark for the “Palmpad,” which is quite the evidence that a Web OS tablet is arriving sometime within the next year. The trademark states that the name is for Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and...

wallmounted washing machine

Wall-Mounted Washing Machine Concept


This Wall-Mounted Washing Machine Concept is pretty interesting, if a little impractical. It seems too small to do a lot of good — though, say you needed a shirt and pants washed for a date, and this would get it done real fast. Where’s the wall-mounted dryer, though? I guess...

iHome iPad Dock

Finally, iHome Makes An iPad Dock


iHome and iPod Docks go together like peanut butter and jelly — except there’s lots of different versions of that specific alarm clock sandwich. Now, iHome is trying to plus-size things a little with their first iPad dock. The iHome iA100ZE is trying to use the iPad’s unique capabilities, though,...


Behold, The Portable Watermelon Cooler


The Japanese continue a long history of baffling gadgets with their latest effort, the Portable Watermelon Cooler. It’s from a company called Joybond, and is actually capable of both cooling and heating the watermelon. You could use the device for other objects too — food and beer, mostly — but...


This Stylish Countertop Changes Colors


Gorenje’s new high-end “Touch of Light” home collection just might be the future of kitchen design. Imagined by designer Karim Rashid, it allows you to change the color of your kitchen instantly. Thanks to a wide variety of LEDs, you can switch the kitchen from an austere white design to...


This Custom Lego Wall-E Robot Transforms (video)


Pretty much everybody loved Wall-E, the cute waste disposal robot, when he first appeared in his eponymous movie a couple years. Which is why I find this custom Wall-E robot so charming, because it’s so similar to the character using just LEGOs. It was programmed using Lego’s Mindstorm Software, and...

sony e450

Do Karaoke On The Go With Sony’s New E450 Walkman


People love karaoke. Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people do (especially the Japanese). Which is why Sony’s new E450 Walkman sounds interesting, though it’s sadly only hitting Europe at this point. It’s got a Karaoke Mode in which you sync lyrics of a song to the device, which...


The iPad Lands In Nine More Countries This Friday


Those waiting patiently worldwide for Apple’s magical tablet to arrive need to wait no more longer (at least, nine countries now don’t). On Friday, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore all start selling the iPad. Availability and pricing will vary by country — hopefully...