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Super Talent’s UltraDrive MX SSD Features Both USB & SATA II


Super Talent knows fast storage. Their new UltraDrive MX SSD line of drives has 250MB/sec read and 180MB/sec write speeds, and it’s dual-interface is a perfect way to use their drive as either external or internal storage. The UltraDrive has both mini-USB and SATA II connections, so you can easily clone...

Motorola DROID X

Droid Family To Get Android 2.2 In August?


It looks like the Droid family might be getting a “Froyo” treat next week, as rumors are heating up that an Android 2.2 OTA (over the air) update is scheduled for the Droid, Droid X, and Droid Incredible. Someone claiming to be a Verizon employee says the updates will trickle...

apple cinema display

Apple Discontinues 24-Inch & 30-Inch Cinema Displays


Yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s 27-inch LED Cinema Display was exciting, but today’s news puts a little damper on things. According to AppleInsider, the 27-inch Cinema Display will now be the only option when it comes to Apple monitors — once the stock of the 24-inch and 30-inch models run out,...


The Taylor Projector Scale Shows Your Weight For All To See


The Taylor 550 Projector Scale is a useful gadget that could also be very embarrassing. See, it projects your weight onto the wall so that you don’t need to look down for whatever reason — if you’re older, or if you can’t see around your bulging stomach. It’s got a...

nadia concept

Camera Concept Tells You How Good Your Photos Are (video)


Andrew Kupresanin’s Nadia Camera Concept just might change the way we take our everyday photos. After snapping a pic, a rear LCD display shows a percentage rating that grades how well-composed and visually rich the photograph is. He’s made a mock-up of the device, and made a video to show...

bat pod replica

A Working Bat Pod Replica Is Roaming The Streets


The Bat Pod was one of the coolest things about The Dark Knight, so it’s awesome to see that one skilled fan decided to make a fully working replica of it that handles just like a motorcycle. Sure, he looks pretty cool in jeans and a jacket, but if this...


Dell Streak Gets Priced?


Dell has pulled the post, but their official blog looks to have announced pricing for their soon-arriving Android-powered Streak tablet, so we’ll take it as official. If you register for the pre-sale (today is the last day), you’ll be getting an e-mail with a link to purchase the phone for...


SanDisk Unveils A Super Small Flash Drive


SanDisk has unveiled one of the world’s smallest flash drives, and certainly the smallest I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure they can take the title of “world’s smallest”, but it’s awfully close. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade is the size of a paper clip and weighs as much as a penny....

apple battery charger

Apple’s Latest Gadget Is A Battery Charger


Yes, you read that headline right. I didn’t know the day would come where I’d be writing about a battery charger on here…but hey, it’s Apple, and it fits nicely into the rest of this morning’s posts. Designed for all their AA-powered peripherals, which now include the Magic Mouse, Magic...


Apple’s LED Cinema Display Now Available In 27 Inches


Amidst all the Apple updates today, we’ve got the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display. Packing a 2560 x 1440 resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, the display has sixty percent for screen size than the 24-inch model that debuted last year. Other upgrades include a higher brightness at 375 cd/m2,...


Apple Unveils Magic Trackpad


Those pesky rumors were right again. Apple has officially debuted their Magic Trackpad, intended for use with their new iMacs or Mac Pros. The trackpad replicates the design and functionality of the unibody MacBook’s trackpad — that means four finger gestures, folks. Powered by battery and using Bluetooth wireless, it’s available...