Moshi Digital Alarm Clock - 3


Having already reviewed the Moshi Voice Controlled Alarm Clock some months back, I knew what I was getting into.  This time around I found myself annoyed by Moshi’s inadequacies even though I like some of the core features more than the first iteration.  The whole clock radio aspect really appealed to me and controlling the clock without the voice control ended up being easier than trying to speak to the clock in a variety of stern tones.

Moshi Digital Alarm Clock - 5

First off, the size and visual aesthetic of the clock has bedside written all over it, and fit it nicely with my lamp and other random strewn abouts.  The LCD illuminated at 3 levels of “off-blue” brightness but I found myself desiring the in between.  The low was either too dim and hardly visible where as the brightest setting scorched the cornea and was hard to set morning eyes against.  The buttons had a mildly sticky matte adhesive feel and reacted promptly during times of snooze and other operation.

The IVR006 let you set two alarms using either the alarm or the radio.  Both require only a few button presses and are generally more pleasant than trying to set them using only the voice commands.  When trying to set up the Alarm Clock using voice commands the whole sequence must be spot for the action to actually set.  For example, saying “Hello Moshi” will prompt the clock to ask you another command inquiry and depending on the action itself it can take up to 3-4 accurate phrases to complete.  This can often be a trying task.  Anytime Moshi doesn’t recognize what you say or if she misunderstands completely you have to start the whole sequence from the beginning.  Boo.

Moshi Digital Alarm Clock - 8

Sometimes she simply refuses to hear you.  Other times, I’ll say my dog’s name and Moshi will think I’m talking to her.  No matter how forceful or bold you make your voice  she will shut you down.  Now believe me, If I was hard of seeing I’d be pretty disappointed in this product because the thing is, is that the clock has this ancillary voice recognition meter that is hardly discerning.  I think the idea behind the meter is to keep you aware of the accuracy of your diction but you’re never going to remember that exact pitch that made Moshi listen that one time.  Maybe future iterations will make this feature a bit more useful?

For a clock of this size, the sound wasn’t all that bad given that the positioning of the speakers isn’t of the standard variety.  There’s an AUX input for any MP3 player and I enjoyed the bedside Podcast as I laid down to rest.  The radio also sounded pretty good and was more than I expected.  You can have three radio presets and set any alarm to any one of them.  What I might not of mentioned before is that anytime to set something manually on Moshi you will get a verbal confirmation letting you know that you did it the right way.  I liked that very much considering I couldn’t depend on the actual voice control.

Moshi Digital Alarm Clock - 6

When rounding up this review, I can honestly say that I’m not as impressed with the Moshi IVR006 this time around.  The overall package has more to offer, but the Voice Control just seemed weak and despondent.  It was fun to show visitors’ what Moshi was capable of (when it worked of course) but I found myself totally abandoning the voice controls during my weekly regimes.  The price point is a bit high right now ($70) for me to recommend this clock because it can’t quite perform to it’s true selling point.  Other than that it does have some cool stuff going for it, but right now it’s not a complete product.


  • Attractive and small
  • Radio sounds decent
  • Aux in


  • Poor voice controls
  • Weak LCD brightness settings
  • Pricey

Buy the Moshi Voice Controlled IVR006 Digital Clock Radio here for $70!

Jeff B