Macbook Air Rumor 2010

It’s been a while since Apple refreshed the Macbook Air.  Now a rumor has emerged that says the company will shrink the svelte laptop down to a 11.6-inch screen (down from 13.3), pop in some low voltage processor to conserve battery juice, bump the SSD capacity and maybe toss in a new GPU to complement the new CPU.

Okay, so we gotta come clean.  This isn’t the first time this year that we’ve heard rumors about a Macbook Air refresh.  Last time the rumor said that Apple was gonna add a touchscreen, toss in an optical drive and improve the battery life with a more efficient processor and bigger battery.

So should the rumor be believed?  We say no.  If anything, and as we previously stated, we think they’re gonna phase out the Air all together.  It doesn’t sell nearly as well as their other laptops and now that the iPad is out it might be time for a touchscreen laptop, though it’s unlikely since this will muddy the waters too much for Apple’s product line.


Christen Costa

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