Just last week, Colorware announced that they’d added Segways to their list of products, but their adding of the new Slim Xbox 360 to the list might be a little more popular with the general public. Using their customizer, gamers can create thousands of different customizations for their console — I’m particular to the Famicom-esque paint job seen above. Sending in your console will cost you $175, with a brand new console shipped to you all painted for $500. The service is available now.


The New Xbox 360

WINONA, MN July 2, 2010 — The Xbox 360 S brings a sleek new design
to your home console, and now you can give it the custom color it
deserves. ColorWare offers you the chance to customize your console
with a palette of 46 eye-catching colors.

Have a favorite World Cup team? A favorite color? Now you can match it
to your living room, or choose from thousands of combinations to fit
your style.

The ColorWare design studio makes it easy to customize every aspect of
the Xbox. You can also play videos, see images, and use our
interactive 360 section to see every corner of the console.

Chris Gullo