We here at Gadget Review like gadgets that help the enviroment, ones that cut down a little on the massive imprint humans have placed on this nice green earth. Stuff like solar powered airplanes, or this Energy Efficient Kettle, by Philips. This 1.7 liter electric Kettle saves about 66% of the energy usually used when boiling water on a stove, doing so┬áby through a cup measuring system that keeps your water use efficient. It also boils it faster than on a stove, with less energy thanks to a flat heating system, and allows for easy cleanup and maintenance. Once your water has reached the proper temperature, a light goes off on the device to tell you it’s ready. It’s simple, fast, well-designed, and good for the environment. What more do you need?

The Philips Energy Efficient Kettle is available now for around $40.


Chris Gullo