Daily Archives: July 30, 2010


The FridgePad Sticks Your iPad On, Well, The Fridge


Sure, we’ve seen a million iPad stands by now, but you haven’t seen one that sticks magnetically to places. The FridgePad is an accurately named device that lets you attach your iPad to the refrigerator or anything else made of metal. Think of all the kitchen applications you can use!...

Samsung SCH-R900

FCC Approves Second 4G Phone, The Samsung SCH-R900


The FCC has approved the Samsung SCH-R900, and it’s a pretty deal seeing how it’s the first CDMA/LTE handset in the U.S.┬áThe phone’s specs include a 1700/1900 MHz LTE radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and should be available from MetroPCS sometime later this year. Speaking of 4G — trials of Verizon’s...


Apple Seeks Software Engineer For “Revolutionary” New Feature


Oh Apple. Always with the revolutionizing and changing the world. A new job listing at the company’s website is no different, promising a lucky software engineer the opportunity to work on something “revolutionary” that will “truly amaze everyone.” Unqualified applicants need not apply — Steve doesn’t want to waste his...

HTC EVO on Sprint

HTCO EVO 4G Getting Android 2.2 Update August 3rd


In our never-ending quest to tell you just when a certain handset is getting the Android 2.2 update, we’ve got news that Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G will get a little taste of ‘Froyo’ come August 3rd. That’s when the OTA update will start being pushed out automatically to phones, but...