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Parrot AR.Drone Now Accepting Preorders For September Release


The Parrot AR.Drone has been previewed here at GadgetReview, and is set for release September 3rd for $299. So it’s good that pre-orders have started at Brookstone’s website. Remember that the drone is controlled by iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and that augmented reality games featuring those devices will make...


This Lego Brick Light Lets You Build All Night Long


This Portable LEGO Brick Light seems like the perfect accessory for your kid’s room (or yours too…I don’t judge). It’s a 3-inch Lego block with four bright LEDs inside it.¬†Installation is easy — just insert 3 AAA batteries, use the included mounting plate to put it on your ceiling or...

copia tablet

The Copia Tablet Is A Sub-$100 E-Reader


A sub $100 color e-reader exists, and it’s called the Ocean Reader (we think — the name isn’t final). From the company Copia, it’s an interesting proposition currently shrouded in mystery. How powerful will it be? What e-bookstores will it support? We don’t know. Specs wise, not much is known...

portal mirror

Make Your Own Real Life Portal


Portal was one of 2007’s most popular games, and it’s sequel is one of next year’s most anticipated. Plenty of people probably wish they had the Portal gun in real life, but this mirror trick is the next best thing. It’s fiendishly simple — a Swedish fan simply bought an...


This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun (video) (update)


This is a gun. Or rather, a 125-piece cube that transforms into a gun, the Intimidator. Here’s what it looks like disassembled: And finally, in gun form: It’s pretty remarkable. Now, not all the peices of the cube go into making the gun, but the others aren’t a waste —...

amazon kindle

Amazon Announces New Kindle, WiFi Only Version


Amazon unveiled a new version of the Kindle yesterday, which has a variety of new upgrades poised to make it king of the e-readers. The new device is 21 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than the older 6-inch Kindle, has a 20 percent faster E-Ink refresh rate for quicker...


Pure Debuts EVOKE-1S Marshall Radio Amp


You may think that a dedicated radio device may be a little outdated in today’s age, but when it looks as cool as the Marshall EVOKE-1S, you might think twice. This collaboration between Marshall and Pure is constructed out of vinyl, wood, brass, and metal, and functions primarily as a...


This Concrete Espresso Solo Concept Is Rock Solid


Shmuel Linski, an student at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has created this Concrete Espresso Machine for a class. Linski wanted to use concrete in the kitchen, but not as wall or countertop material, and the combination of concrete and the fine metal parts interested him. It interests me...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS To Get Price & Release Date In September


Attention! The Nintendo 3DS is being released…well, there’s a release date for that announcement. That’s all I can tell you. Sorry folks, that’s how hype in the electronics industry works. A Nintendo spokesperson has announced September 29th as the date we’ll learn the pricing and release date of the 3DS...