Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

tron keyboard

Razer’s TRON Keyboard & Mouse Get Priced


Remember those licensed TRON products we wrote about a little while ago? Well, now we finally have some pricing and release details for them — at least, for the Razer Keyboard & Wireless Mice. The keyboard, with blue LED illumination, is $150, and comes with a detachable numeral pad. The...


Barnes & Noble Release Nook App For Android


Nook, Barnes & Noble’s stab at the e-reader market, has officially released its app for Android smartphones today. Android phones running 1.6 or higher can download the app, which gives them access to the Nook’s entire e-library, and lets them resume wherever they left off in a book on the...

WD mypassport drive

Western Digital Debuts MyPassport Limited Edition Designs


Western Digital is spicing up their MyPassport 500GB external hard drive line with five colorful limited edition designs. They come in black and white variants — I’m partial to the boombox design myself. Besides the updated visuals, they’re the same USB 2.0 drives that don’t require power cables — show...


This Projector Ring Is A Perfect Symbol Of Geek Love


Luke Jerram wanted a unique ring for his wife, so he teamed up with jeweler Tamrakar to make a ring with tiny photographic portraits of him and his wife. You then simply shine a light through the ring and the images are projected onto any flat surface. How romantic. Unfortunately, some...

bumper refund

Apple’s Bumper Case Refunds Begin


Last week, Apple announced that everyone with an iPhone 4 would be getting a free case for reception issues and refunds for those that already bought an Apple Bumper. Well, it looks like those refunds are starting to be processed, as owners are receiving e-mails saying that the refund, shipping...


Make Cooking Foolproof With These Odd Size Measuring Spoons


For a lot of people, cooking isn’t exactly a specialty. But if you still want to expand your food selection beyond take-out and pasta, items like the odd size measuring spoon kit can help. It’s got all the standard measuring sizes, but also stuff like “1/8 teaspoon” that you just...

ac adapter rangers

The AC Adapter Rangers Keep You Free Of Cable-Clutter


This is hands down the best cable management system I’ve seen…or at least, the coolest. The AC Adapter Rangers are little toys that sit on your desk and help keep your cables from tangling. They seem very focused on their work, but that’s okay — they’re professionals, after all. You...


Get Your Very Own Submarine For Only $2 Million


For the mega-rich with a taste for the life aquatic, the Personal Submarine lets you swim with the fishes down at the bottom of the ocean. It’s got two seats, and you’re licensed to descend up to 1,000 feet under the water’s surface. This two-person sub has a transparent, climate-controlled acrylic pressure...

daft punk helmet

Guy Makes Custom Daft Punk Helmet In 17 Months (video)


Daft Punk are certainly a geek-approved music act. They’re in the Star Wars Cantina in commercials, and also in the upcoming Tron: Legacy. So it makes sense that some guy took 17 months to make his own version of their helmets, and documented the whole process in a video. It’s...