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iTunes 9.2.1 Update Released


You know it’s a slow day when software updates are in the news. iTunes 9.2.1. is out now, and you can grab it via Software Update or Apple’s site. To be fair, though, this update does seem to have quite a bit going on, and might make your iPhone 4...


The Koolhaus Faucet Measures Your Water Use


We’ve got another water concept today, but this one is for your home, not in the middle of the sea. The Koolhaus faucet features a measuring device for tracking your water consumption rata and an integrated LCD that relays the information back to you, so you can instantly see how...

SeaKettle LIfe Raft

The SeaKettle Life Raft Makes You Fresh Water

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Created for the James Dyson Award design competition, the SeaKettle Life Raft is an amazing concept for a lifesaving raft. It provides water for shipwrecked people through a unique system that captures seawater in a special Goretex container, which keeps it there until it desalinates and then distributes the drinkable...

2.On detecting liquid the floppy legs hard drive stands up, allowing the owner time to move it away and clean up the spill

This Floppy Drive Has Legs To Avoid Spills (video)


Now this is a little out there. The Attenborough Design Group (in reality, the ChambersJudd design team) has created a Floppy Drive that stands up to avoid liquid spills. It’s part of a “imaginary” design series inspired by David Attenbourough that would show what happens when animal instincts are put...


Toshiba’s Smart Pad Tablet Gets A Few More Details


A few months ago, Toshiba talked about an upcoming tablet, the Smart Pad, which has been MIA ever since — until now. Toshiba Australia’s Managing Director Mark Whittard showed off the device this week and gave journalists a couple details about it. By couple, I mean literally two — that...


Samsung Releases Their First 1TB 2.5-Inch Drive


Samsung unveiled today their first 1TB capacity 2.5-inch hard drive, the Samsung Spinpoint MT2. The 5400 rpm drive has 333GB per platter, three in total. In addition, their SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technology promises to keep the drive super quiet.There’s one snag though — it’s 12.5mm size makes it difficult to...


Giant Laser Cannon Shoots Down Planes, Sets Fear Into Hearts


The day has finally come — the laser wars have officially begun. Yup, in just a few years things are get totally Terminator around the world. See, the company Raytheon has officially unveiled their Laser Close-In Weapon System at an air show in England, which can take down unmanned aircraft...

HP Slate

Rumor: HP’s PalmPad To Have Stylus Support


Just yesterday we told you about HP’s “PalmPad” trademark, and now new details are leaking out that make this tablet even more enticing. According to the same source that leaked both the tablet’s existence and name trademarking, the “PalmPad” (a tentative title) will include digital pen support along with the...


Pogoplug Biz’s Cloud Storage Arrives For The Corporate Set


Cloud Engines has expanded their Pogoplug line today with the Pogoplug Biz, which lets corporations get in on the cloud computing phenomenom. The device, like its predecessor, allows up to four HDDs to be combined and accessed through the cloud, with up-to-date tracking how many times a file was accessed...