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Logitech Z506 Speakers

Logitech’s Z506 Speakers Do 5.1 Surround For Under $100


Logitech’s got somewhat of a bargain on their hands with the new Z506 5.1-channel Speaker System, aimed primarily at gamers on budgets. For $99, you’ll get a 75 watt system, with the satellite speakers receiving 48 watts per channel and the subwoofer doing 27 watts with a downfiring style (that...

iOS 4.0.1.

iOS 4.0.1 Out Now


Well, it looks like we jumped the gun a bit, as the iOS 4.0.1 update is out now, not tomorrow. Just open up iTunes in either Windows or OSX and sync your phone. It looks like the update doesn’t promise much beyond fixing “the formula” for signal strength display, but...

magellan 610

Magellan Debuts Three New eXplorist GPS Receivers


Never get lost again — Magellan unveiled three new GPSs in their eXplorist line this week aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, with some cool features to make outdoor exploring more interactive. In addition to the required GPS navigation, the eXplorist 710, 610 and 510 all take 3.2MP photos that are automatically geotagged...

BigBoy 4 Person BiCycle

BigBoy: A 4 Person Bicycle (video)

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Looking for some comradery on your bike ride?  Sure, you could opt for a tandem bike, but why bother when you can sit with three of your best buds on the BigDog bike.  Unfortunately, this thing isn’t commercially available so that dream of rolling to the bars with three of...


Rumor: Apple Releasing iPhone 4 Update/Recall Tomorrow?


We’ve all heard plenty about the iPhone 4’s reception issues, but we may get some real resolution tomorrow as Apple holds an iPhone-based press conference. The press conference will do one of three things: announce a nationwide recall (the least likely), announce that a new 4.1 Software Update will solve...