Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

iPhone 4

Is The iPhone 4 About To Be Recalled?


Be warned, iPhone 4 users — you may have to return your fancy new smartphone soon. MacRumors is reporting that Apple’s “fix” for the iPhone 4 reception issue might not be good enough for either users or a judge, so a nationwide recall is coming. The rumors are hot on...


Ten Bucks Gets You A Universal Remote On Your iPhone (video)


Universal Remotes, like Logitech’s Harmony One, are awesome. But they’re also expensive. Which makes this $10 iPhone dongle that turns your phone into a universal remote very very enticing. Available from Ryz Media, simply download a free app called My TV Remote from the App Store, purchase a $10 dongle...

Toshiba Canvio Mac Hard Drives

Toshiba Releases Mac Friendly Canvio Hard Drives


There couldn’t be a more perfect time for Toshiba to announce their Mac friendly Canvio hard drives.  They’re available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB sizes and cost $100, $120 and $140 respectively.  Included is Mac compatible backup software, a USB 2.0 port and a shock sensor just in case you...

Pleasant Travelers Metro-Envelope Bag

Pleasant Travelers Metro-Envelope iPad Bag (video)


A little of the old, a little of the new and walla, you’ve got the Metro-Enevlope iPad bag.  Yes, we’ve seen our fair share of iPad bags, but you gotta appreciate the evenlope string closure and fabric should strap.  Somewhere inside there is a pocket for extra trinkets and the...

Beer Bong Boob Tube

Boob Beer Bong


Offensive?  Maybe.  But a ton of drunken fun?  You bet your Natty drinking ass it is.  The Boob Tube Beer Bong was probably conjured up by some drunken fraternity brother while hazing the incoming freshmen pledges.  Any guesses on what the male inspired version would be called? Chug it for...


More BlackBerry Tablet Rumors Sneak Out


Last month, we reported on rumors of a BlackBerry Tablet, and today brings a scant few new details on such a device, apparently from someone “very close to the project” at RIM. They told Betanews that the tablet would most likely be 8.9-inches in size, and have two cameras, one front-facing...


Hollandia iCon Is A Luxury Bed For Your iPad


For the uber rich, Hollandia has released a new bed called the iCon which features a custom headboard with integrated docking ports and speakers for your iPad, in addition to its Therapedic 3D comfort mattress. The headboard boasts 4 speakers and a 250-watt amplifier. Now, something I picked up on...


This USB-Controlled Power Strip Saves You Energy & Money


This USB -controlled power strip is a pretty smart idea. Now, this thing isn’t powered by USB — rather, it connects with your computer so that you send commands to shut down or power up certain sockets (say, turning on a printer only when you need to print something). The...

Battalion 101 W860CU-3D

iBuyPower Launches Their First 3D Notebook


iBuyPower has dipped their feet in the 3D notebook waters with today’s announcement of their Battalion 101 W860CU-3D Laptop. It supports stereoscopic 3D from either Blu-ray movies or games, with the latter thanks to NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Glasses. Other specs include an 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution display with a...