Daily Archives: July 12, 2010

google open spot

Google’s Open Spot App Gets You A Prime Parking Spot


Let’s face it, finding a good parking spot blows most of the time, a long tedious process that gets people mad at each other. Which is why Google’s Open Spot app could be a lifesaver. It creates a user-generated map of available parking spaces near the user’s current position via...

wine vending machine

Winos Rejoice: The Wine Vending Machine Is Here


In what could be a big shift in how we buy booze, the very first wine vending machines have finally arrived stateside in Pennsylvania. Now, before you or college students think you can just go in at 2 in the morning wasted and pick out some Charles Shaw, there’s restrictions...


BlackBerry OS 6 Gets Another Preview (video)


Way back in April, RIM showed off their new BlackBerry OS 6 in a video, and now they’ve got a second one with more details on the anticipated OS’s features. You see the OS’S new browser and social feed app, which combines sites like Facebook and Twitter into one feed...


Tutorial: Play SNES Games On Your iPad (video)


So you bought yourself an iPad, but are a little tired of the App Store’s game offerings. Well, why don’t you get some of the best videogames ever made? Here’s a handy video tutorial for getting SNES classics like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Metroid on your...

Internet Chess Table

A Chess Table Connected To The Internet (video)


Internet chess has been around well before the turn of the century, but a physical Internet chess table, now we’re talking.  The DIY project incorporates a low cost projector and webcam.  The webcam recognizes your moves (where you’ve placed your players) and sends them to the opponent’s compatible table via...


The Elonex 710EB E-Reader Has A Full Color Display


The Elonex 710EB e-reader isn’t exactly well known, but its interesting combination of specs could put it in a nice position of affordability. This is a seven-inch e-reader that doesn’t have an e-ink display, but promises a TFT color touchscreen, ARM processor, WiFi, an iPad-esque eight hour battery life, and...


Apple Finally Recalls 2008-Era Time Capsules


Based on an updated Knowledge Base article, it looks like Apple has finally acknowledged an error in their 2008 Time Capsules that led the devices to fail almost always after an 18 month period, refusing to shut off or power down unexpectedly. Those devices, sold between February and June 2008...