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Solar Scooter

Top 10 Coolest Solar Vehicles

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Solar?  Yes please.  Only if there was more of it and it was more efficient.  This is our list of the top 10 coolest solar vehicles to date.  Some are practical, some down right expensive and others straight up wacky.   But what is really important is that they’re all setting...


Garmin Lowers Garminphone Price To $130


Amongst reports of poor sales, Garmin has lowered the price of their Garminphone from $200 to $130 after a mail-in rebate. Though Garmin hasn’t commented on why the price drop occurred, low sales seem to be the suspect. It hasn’t been a good week for phones other than the iPhone...

bionic eye

FDA Approves Eye Telescope


This is pretty nuts. The FDA has finally approved surgery for end stage age-related macular degeneration in the form of a eye telescope. Though it’s for one eye only, it can magnify vision 2.2 or 2.7 times, allowing for fine detail (and total Terminator-style zooming…sort of). The other eye remains...

water wars

Water Wars Keeps You Cool & Bloody


Water Wars, from SUCK UK, is a special water gun game that features vests with hydrochromatic inks. It sounds like a great way to stay cool this summer. Every time you get hit, the vest turns red, and if you’re completely “bloody” then you lose the game. The kit comes...


Apple’s New Friend Bar Helps Nerds Feel Special (video)


The Onion News has an exclusive scoop on Apple’s latest retail creation, the Friend Bar. The Friend Bar is specially designed to help frustrated friends and partners who tire of hearing the latest Apple or gadget blog news over and over. Check out the video to see the scoop for...


Will The Next Apple TV Feature 99 Cent Rentals?


Rumors are abounding today that the next Apple TV (which has had plenty of rumors about it already) will feature 99 cent rentals as a main part of its feature set. They would streamed over the cloud, as the Apple TV would not feature any hard drive storage of its...

iPod Shuffle Rumor

Rumor: New iPod Shuffle Leaked?


The iPod Shuffle doesn’t get as much recognition as Apple’s other devices, but it does serve a very useful purpose as an affordable MP3 player and serves a good use for runners. Which is why I got excited that a new device, that could be the new Shuffle,  leaked today...

halo bicycle lock

Halo Bicycle Lock Keeps Your Bike Safe Via WiFi


Yesterday, we showed you the folding bike, but now we’ve got a great bike lock concept for any bike. The Halo Bicycle Lock (no relation to the game series) gets its name from its angelic security features, including a special design that creates a perfect circle when the lock pieces...


The MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Is A Beast


Looking more like a set of super expensive binoculars than any watch I’ve ever seen, this MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch is one crazily designed gadget. It  has three hands on it (one of the hour, one for the minute, and the other a freaking power reserve indicator), is made out of...

loreo 3D lens cap

Loreo Adds 3D Photos To Any Canon DSLR With Their Special Kit


3D is the rage all the days, but most people still don’t have a way of taking 3D images and videos themselves. That’s why the Loreo 3D Lens Kit, the Stereo Lens-In-A-Cap intrigued me, since it fits onto most Canon Digital SLRs and promises high quality stereoscopic images. Here’s how...