Daily Archives: July 8, 2010


Say Goodbye To Smelly Shoes With This UV Blower Concept


Smelly shoes. No one likes them, and they’re kind of unavoidable, especially in the summer. Which is why a concept like the UV Blower sounds so nice. You’d stick your smelly shoes on the holders, and then the Blower’s UV light kills odor bacteria and dries the shoes out so...

iPhone 4 Catches Fire

iPhone 4 Catches Fire During Charging


Today, it seems inevitable that batteries inside of portable products will blow up or catch on fire.  Sure, the majority of them will be fine, but with massive product appeal odds are that something is bound happen.  Case in point is the iPhone 4. An AT&T store employee says that...


Yoda GPS Voice Now Available From Garmin (video)


Garmin has added Yoda to their list of celebrity GPS voices today, joining Darth Vader, C-3PO and KITT from Night Rider as downloads for select devices. Han Solo is on his way, too, in August (I’m guessing they got a Harrison Ford soundalike for that one). And, for your entertainment,...

Fring Video Calls on iPhone 4

Fring iPhone App Updated, Video Calls Now Available


When the iPhone 4 arrived everyone questioned if Apple would approve the iPhone 4’s front camera to be used with other video calling applications aside from Facetime. Question no more. Why? Fring updated their Fring application, which now allows iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, Android and Symbian users to make video...

@Rest iPad Stand

The @Rest iPad Stand Keeps It Classy


There’s been plenty of iPad stands, either DIY or manufactured, since the device’s release a couple months ago, but I haven’t found any as aesthetically pleasing as the @Rest by Heckler Design. Meant to be kept at a desk or table, this stand comes in a variety of colors and...

Black box i10 Headphones

Blackbox i10: iPhone Powered Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise canceling headphones can be convenient, but what happens when the battery dies for the active noise cancellation?  Noise, annoying outside noise.  Blackbox just released the i10, a pair of ear buds that uses the iPhone or iPod Touch’s battery to power the noise cancellation.  They plug in via the...


Beer-Fetching Robot Solves Man’s Biggest Problem (video)


When it comes to technology, robots doing things for us lazy humans is always a plus, and while we’ve seen beer fetching robots before, none are as efficient as the PR2. Its creators, Willow Garage, taught it to play pool, and now they’ve designed a web interface to select specific...