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Pet Star Wars Costume

Are You Freaking Serious: Pet Star Wars Costumes


Stop!  Seriously, this needs to end.  Or does it?  No it does.  Yes, the Pet Star Wars Costumes are beyond adorable, but Halloween isn’t for another 3 months. What’s the story ThinkGeek?  Each one costs $16, are available in 4 sizes and you can choose from Yoda, Leia or Darth...

treadway shoes

Treadway Shoe Concept Makes Your Sneakers Fly (video)


The Treadway Wearable Mobility shoes can probably best be described as an accident waiting to happen.  Seriously, though, the concept is pretty straight forward.  It’s a Rollerblade like contraption that straps onto the back of any shoe.  At the rear of the device is a small electrical motor with an...


Samsung Debuts New Q-Series Laptops


Samsung’s got plenty of notebooks up their sleeves with the announcement of the Q-Series, which has the 13.3-inch Q330, 14-inch Q430 and 15.6-inch Q530, and we got all the specs for you. The Q530 and Q430 both have a 2.26GHz Intel Core i3 (with a Core i5 as an option),...


This Waterproof Power Strip Is Crazy (video)


Wet Circuit’s new Waterproof Power Strip is a sight to see. Its patented design minimizes the electrical current when water hits it, and can be submerged for two hours. Just don’t ever confuse this strip with a regular one if you want to show off its capabilities to your friends....


The ScotteVest Trenchcoat Holds Everything But The Kitchen Sink


Any true gadget geek knows that there are only so many pockets to hold your various wares, which leads to plenty of bulging, uncomfortable pants. Well, bulge no longer! The ScotteVest has 33 separate pockets to hold — well, pretty much everything you could possibly think of. Just look at...

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask


[GR]srcN8Ctvvs8[/GR] SPFXMasks’ are unbelievably real.  In fact, they’re so real that they’ve been used in robberies, at least according to BoingBoing.  This is the “Handsome Guy” mask and putting aside the overly large head size, which is needed to fit a real human head, the attention to detail is amazing. ...


The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Sets A Land Speed Record


Bugatti’s ridiculously cool Veryon 16.4 Super Sport Car has set a new world landspeed record of 267.8 mph. In totally scientific terms, that’s really fast. Perfect weather and track conditions helped push it to that speed, which was 3.8 mph faster than the expected speed of 264 mph, which still would’ve...


Sony’s BDP-S1700ES 3D Blu-Ray Player Is iPhone-Controlled


Sony’s new 3D Blu-ray Player, the BDP-S1700ES, goes along to make use of its network connectivity in addition to 3D playback. It’s got built-in 802.11n WiFi, with BRAVIA Internet Video and Sony’s new video content system Qriocity. In addition, for a free download, owners can get the “BD Remote” app...

Magnetic Silly Putty

Magnetic Silly Putty (video)


Like silly putty?  How about magnets?  Who doesn’t!  The Magnetic Thinking Putty is the best of both worlds.  Practical purpose?  None that we can think of, but it’s makes for some really cool looking time lapse videos as found below. You can buy it for $14, though it’s sold out...

HTC Vision

Gadget Leak: HTC Vision


This is supposedly the HTC Vision, a yet to be released Android phone.  It’s kind of like the G1 but as you can see from the pic it’s a bit hard to tell what they’ve changed.  According to Njuskalo, the site that unearthed the device (or pic), it has a...