Daily Archives: July 3, 2010


The RibCage Case Protects Your iPad’s Inner Guts


While there’s plenty of iPad cases out there, none are as striking as this RibCage case, which features a designed based on, you guessed it, a ribcage. Designed by the folks at Switch Easy and made from durable faux leather, the design isn’t just for show — it’s “shock dissipating”...

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Century’s 10-Inch USB Monitor Gives You Lots Of Screen Space


For those looking for a portable way to add onto their screen real estate, this 10.1-inch USB monitor from Century might do the trick. Featuring a 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution, 230cm/m2 brightness,¬†and a 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ll get HD content at its native resolution on this thing, and it...

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This Futuristic Countertop Scans Your Food


The Oasis System just might be the future of cooking. This advanced counter-top, utilizing touch technology, recognizes objects like meat with 3D scanning technology and gives you nutritional data and recipes via an integrated projector. Grocery lists can be embedded into the countertop too, and you can place two separate...


Microsoft Developing Magic Mouse Competitor


Released last year, Apple’s Magic Mouse has its fair share of both fans and detractors. I’m in the former category, enjoying the multitouch capabilities the mouse brings. Microsoft apparently likes it too, since they’re rumored to be developing a multitouch version of their Arc Mouse dubbed, you guessed it, the...


Apple Waives Restocking Fee For iPhone 4


So you got a new iPhone 4, but the reception issues have left you pissed (or maybe the reported screen issues, or the easily scratched back, etc.). If you decide you want to return it, Apple’s 10% restocking fee might send you over the edge. So it’s a good thing...


This 7-Inch SmartPad Comes To Us From A German ISP (video)


It’s not very often that you hear of a gadget being created by a German ISP, but here we have the Smartpad from Germany company 1&1 , and it actually looks pretty decent. This 7-inch tablet will be running Android 2.2 once its released, with other specs including WiFi, optional...


CinemaGo BV-5005HD Mini CG Delivers All Your Media Needs


For all your media needs, the CinemaGo BV-5005HD handles a wide variety of formats and plays 1080p content effortlessly via an external hard drive or network connection. It has an eSATA interface, USB 2.0 support, WiFi, a built-in BitTorrent manager and support for MUZEE internet radio . Codecs supported include:...


Rumor: Next Apple TV To Be An Actual TV


Well this is an interesting rumor. About a month after rumors of a $99 Apple TV started surfacing, a new one has surfaced that seemingly goes the opposite way — that Apple’s next Apple TV will be an actual television. The idea here is that of a big, fancy TV...


Colorware Now Colors The Slim Xbox 360


Just last week, Colorware announced that they’d added Segways to their list of products, but their adding of the new Slim Xbox 360 to the list might be a little more popular with the general public. Using their customizer, gamers can create thousands of different customizations for their console —...