Daily Archives: July 2, 2010


Buffalo Dualie iPhone-Hard Drive Dock Now Available


You can now buy Buffalo’s Dualie, a hard drive station with an iPhone/iPod compatible dock.  The native connection of the hard drive (a 500GB is included) is USB type mini-B, though it also appears to include a Firewire connection as well.  The rear of the dock includes two additional USB...

Google Voice Desktop Software

Leak: Google Voice Desktop Software (video)


Google might be ready to take on Skype.  Late last year they bought Gizmo5, a company that produced desktop software that allowed for VoIP calls.  It’s not clear if the leaked software will be rebranded to Google Voice, but it appeared to integrate (contacts and incoming calls to GV) with...

Duplex Workspace

Duplex Workspace Is Great For Porn


The Duplex Workspace works as a normal desk, but when you’re looking for some added privacy you can just flip up the canopy.  We like it because it’s made entirely of wood, though we’re not sure how many people will take to the idea of home use since most desks...

Portable Speaker With Mirror

Makeup Compact With Built-in Speaker


Here’s a funky piece of kit for your purse: the Audio-Technica AT-SPF30 Bijoué Compact Speaker.  Instead of a compact with make up inside you can now enjoy tunes complete with mirror.  Yup, there is a 28mm driver (as in speaker) hidden inside this makeup like case.  It connects via a...


Maytag Bravos Dryer Senses When Your Clothes Are Actually Dry


Ever year, washers and dryers get more sophisticated, but somehow they still miss the boat on knowing when your clothes are actually dry. Enter the Maytag Bravos steam dryer, which has sophisticated technology designed to when your clothes are nice and done. Its called the Intellidry Sensor technology, and as...


Futurama Holds A Mirror Up To Our Fanboy Souls (video)


Let me first say that the fact that “Futurama” is back on the air is awesome, and a beacon of hope in this dismal summer TV season. Last night’s episode was hilarious, parodying Apple fanboys in a way that might hit close to home for a lot of our readers....


The Days Of Battery Frustration Are Over With “Instaload” Tech


When more and more gadgets went from AA & AAA batteries to rechargeable non-replaceable ones, I thought my days of frustration and yelling were over. That wasn’t the case, though, since plenty of wireless mice and other gadgets still use replaceable batteries to power themselves. Besides having to go out...


HP Mini 110 & 210 Get Processor & RAM Upgrades


Two of the most popular netbooks on the market, the HP Mini 110 & 210 HD, have gotten a small but significant boost today with the addition of Intel Atom N455 and Atom 475 CPU options. The 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 is now the standard CPU option for the netbooks, with...