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Tesla Roadster 2.5

Tesla Updates Roadster To 2.5


If any car company is gonna win our hearts here at GadgetReview it’s Tesla.  Today, the company unveiled the 4th iteration of their Roadster, the Roadster 2.5.  It’s takes a few design queues from the soon to be released Model S, which includes an updated new front end with diffusing...

Bubble Slider Case

Top 10 Coolest Cases For The iPhone 4


The iPhone 4 isn’t just a gold mine for Apple, but all the hucksters that sell the accessories.  Case in point (pun intended) are the cases for the iPhone.  There are so many to choose from and so much crap to wade through, that we thought we’d do you a...

Nokia N9

Gadget Leak: Nokia N9 (video)


Say hello to the N9, Nokia‘s latest smartphone that is said to be sporting the Meego OS and a 4-inch capacitive (not resistive) touchscreen.  The fine folks at Technobuffalo got their hands on a prerelease version of the device and although it didn’t have the friendlier Meego OS installed they’ve...


Apple Wireless Sync And Cloud Media Coming Soon

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BGR says they’ve talked to a source who says iTunes wireless syncing and cloud based streaming is coming very soon.  A few months ago Apple purchased LaLa, so it’s not a question of if, but when Apple would provide cloud storage for all our media.  The source says that you’ll...


Sony’s 3D Shutter Glasses Now Available Separately


So you got yourself one of those fancy new Sony 3D HDTVs, but the set only came with a couple pairs of glasses at most, if they came with any at all. Well, Sony’s got you covered now, since they’re selling the active shutter glasses separately at the Sony Store...

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Vapor4 iPhone Case Looks Good, Fixes Stupid Problems


It looks like some third party companies are doing a great job at fixing Apple’s problems for them. The Vapor4 Bumper Case for the iPhone 4 is designed from aluminum for increased durability, comes in a variety of colors, and perhaps most importantly, seems to put an end to that...

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Someone Built An Actual DeLorean Hovercraft (video)


Right after we talked about getting your very own Flux Capacitor, we find a guy who could really use one. A grad student named Matthew Riese has been working two years on a fully functional DeLorean Hovercraft (presumable to be upgraded to a time machine when the technology becomes available)....


Amazon Unveils New Graphite Kindle DX With Updated Screen


Just a few days after cutting the regular Kindle’s price, Amazon has unveiled an updated version of their Kindle DX with a lower price and an e-ink  screen boasting fifty percent better contrast. Sporting a graphite finish, this Kindle DX is pretty similar to its previous model, with a 9.7-inch...


Free Starbucks WiFi Begins Today


We reported it, and its finally here. Starbucks is now offering free one-click wireless internet access at all U.S. and Canada locations. Go forth, and use the coffee giant’s wireless with indiscretion. Go buy a latte and FaceTime about it, for all I care. It’s a free country....