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The FridgePad Sticks Your iPad On, Well, The Fridge


Sure, we’ve seen a million iPad stands by now, but you haven’t seen one that sticks magnetically to places. The FridgePad is an accurately named device that lets you attach your iPad to the refrigerator or anything else made of metal. Think of all the kitchen applications you can use!...

Samsung SCH-R900

FCC Approves Second 4G Phone, The Samsung SCH-R900


The FCC has approved the Samsung SCH-R900, and it’s a pretty deal seeing how it’s the first CDMA/LTE handset in the U.S.¬†The phone’s specs include a 1700/1900 MHz LTE radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and should be available from MetroPCS sometime later this year. Speaking of 4G — trials of Verizon’s...


Apple Seeks Software Engineer For “Revolutionary” New Feature


Oh Apple. Always with the revolutionizing and changing the world. A new job listing at the company’s website is no different, promising a lucky software engineer the opportunity to work on something “revolutionary” that will “truly amaze everyone.” Unqualified applicants need not apply — Steve doesn’t want to waste his...

HTC EVO on Sprint

HTCO EVO 4G Getting Android 2.2 Update August 3rd


In our never-ending quest to tell you just when a certain handset is getting the Android 2.2 update, we’ve got news that Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G will get a little taste of ‘Froyo’ come August 3rd. That’s when the OTA update will start being pushed out automatically to phones, but...


Parrot AR.Drone Now Accepting Preorders For September Release


The Parrot AR.Drone has been previewed here at GadgetReview, and is set for release September 3rd for $299. So it’s good that pre-orders have started at Brookstone’s website. Remember that the drone is controlled by iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and that augmented reality games featuring those devices will make...


This Lego Brick Light Lets You Build All Night Long


This Portable LEGO Brick Light seems like the perfect accessory for your kid’s room (or yours too…I don’t judge). It’s a 3-inch Lego block with four bright LEDs inside it.¬†Installation is easy — just insert 3 AAA batteries, use the included mounting plate to put it on your ceiling or...

copia tablet

The Copia Tablet Is A Sub-$100 E-Reader


A sub $100 color e-reader exists, and it’s called the Ocean Reader (we think — the name isn’t final). From the company Copia, it’s an interesting proposition currently shrouded in mystery. How powerful will it be? What e-bookstores will it support? We don’t know. Specs wise, not much is known...

portal mirror

Make Your Own Real Life Portal


Portal was one of 2007’s most popular games, and it’s sequel is one of next year’s most anticipated. Plenty of people probably wish they had the Portal gun in real life, but this mirror trick is the next best thing. It’s fiendishly simple — a Swedish fan simply bought an...


This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun (video) (update)


This is a gun. Or rather, a 125-piece cube that transforms into a gun, the Intimidator. Here’s what it looks like disassembled: And finally, in gun form: It’s pretty remarkable. Now, not all the peices of the cube go into making the gun, but the others aren’t a waste —...

amazon kindle

Amazon Announces New Kindle, WiFi Only Version


Amazon unveiled a new version of the Kindle yesterday, which has a variety of new upgrades poised to make it king of the e-readers. The new device is 21 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than the older 6-inch Kindle, has a 20 percent faster E-Ink refresh rate for quicker...