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The HP Mini 100e Is A Netbook For Students


The lack of good education for kids worldwide is something we should be very concerned about. Back before Facebook and a million other distractions online, I remember computers being used to teach me a lot of valuable skills I still know to this day. So it’s nice to see that...


Virgin To Launch A Prepaid MiFi Service


Every since it was announced, I’ve been envious of those with a MiFi, be it on Verizon’s network or anyone else. It’s such a great idea, and a cool little device, but of course you need a locked-in contract to get to use it. Starting next week, that all changes,...


Bringrr Uses Bluetooth To Help You Unforget Your Cell Phone


Air freshener?  Wrong.  Cigarette lighter?  Wrong again.  This handy little device, called the Bringrr, plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and when you forget to bring your cell phone with you to the vehicle it emits an auditory and visual warning.  It works by pairing with your cell phone via...


EA Has A Massive App Store Game Sale Going On


Slow news day — we’re hocking deals on the main page now. Oh well, we know you like them. EA is running a huge promotion on their App Store games, all for $0.99 for 48 hours only. These, if you’re unaware, are compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad....


This Mini Tumble Dryer Is Funny, Kinda Pointless


Yes, someone invented a miniature tumble dryer, with dimensions of only 20x8x5 inches and a weight of 2 lbs. I suppose this could useful if you’re in an incredibly small apartment, or dry most of your laundry outside. But other then that, it’s kinda silly. I wonder how long it...


These TRON Toys Are Geektastic


The avalanche of TRON: Legacy merchandise continues, and most of it is pretty darn awesome. Toy light cycles, action figures, iPod Docks, you name it. The action figures are snazzy, coming with LEDs and special projectors that show the actor’s faces in a manner similar to the film. And —...


This PR2 Robot Knows How To Shoot Some Pool (video)


A creation of the Willow Garage team, this PR2 robot can do a variety of tasks, including folding clothes. But the team put it to an even cooler use — playing billiards. Using a special grip and bridge attachment, the PR2 managed to sink five balls. They put this together...


Mercedes E-Cell Is The World’s First Electric Supercar


Images leaked today showing Mercedes upcoming E-Cell supercar, and wow is this thing cool. It features four electric motors that produce 12,000 rpm, with 519 horsepower and 649 lb-ft of torque — that means 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. This one is sporting the ‘AMG lumilectric magno’ paintjob. In addition,...

Tron Controller Xbox 360

Tron Glowing Controllers And Mickey’s Wii Paintbrush


Things are a bit slow today, so we’ve relegated ourselves to sifting through unusual blogs and emails.  So yeah, we’re a bit surprised when we talk about controllers, but that’s exactly what we’ve got.  The Disney Epic Mickey controller mimics Mickey’s paintbrush in the game, a game in which you...


Google Voice Now Open To Public


Google Voice, previously Grand Central, is now open to the public.  Prior to today the service was ‘invite only’, requiring users to invite their friends.  Since Google bought Grand Central the service has added new features, such as the ability to make domestic calls completely free and transcribe voicemails to...