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Prompt-it iPhone Telepromptera

Prompt-It: iPhone Teleprompter


Got a speech to perform…on the web or perhaps to a video camera?  That’s no problem, provided of course you get your mitts on the Prompt-it.  It’s specifically built for the iPhone crowd, but will work with any similar sized smartphone.  What is it?  A mini-telepromter, duh!?  The makers say...


Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

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This is the Dark Night of golf carts.  It was spotted on the lot of Warner Bros and does not belong to director Christopher Nolan, who directed the last two Batman films.  In fact, it’s just some die hard Batman fan with money to burn – that means it’s a...


Hoodiebuddie: A Sweatshirt With Drawstring Headphones


Cold? Listen to music much?  Then you need the HoodieBuddie. The draw strings double as a set of ear buds – the cord is woven directly into the fabric.  A hidden front right pocket with a 3.5mm headphone jack connects your media player of choice to the secret headphones.  Word...

Pedal Powered Submarine

The Scubster Is A Pedal Powered Submarine


This is a pedal, yes pedal powered submarine, the Scubster.  We’re not sure on how you control the level of buoyancy, or should we say depth, but it’s built using a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike. The French designer, Rousson, says that top speed is...

Ice Straw Tray

Ice Straw Maker


The hot summer days are upon us – well, not really, at least not here in LA.  But you catch my drift.  You could cool down with a cold refreshing drink, but in our opinion it just wouldn’t be complete without an Ice Straw.  Say what?  An Ice Straw, you...

Beach Towel Speaker System

Beach Towel Speaker System


With the waves crashing it’s no wonder you can’t hear your tunes from that portable speaker system.  Score one of these beach towels and you’ll be in music bliss no matter your surroundings.  Okay, you got me.  It’s nothing more than a towel with an extension piece that includes a...


PlayStation Plus Fully Detailed


The fine folks over at the Official PlayStation Blog have answered some questions about the Premium PlayStation Plus Service that launches next week. For $18 for three months or $50 a year, gamers will receive a bunch of stuff, including Wipeout HD as a sign-up bonus, a subscription to the monthly...


Android 2.2 Hits Droid X In August, Droid In July


While Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ was officially launched on Wednesday, and the Droid X is arriving July 15th, we’re still going to have to wait a little bit to get the update on Droid devices. A ‘very reliable source’ at the Droid Forums says that Android 2.2 is hitting ‘late August’...

Mophie Juicek Pack Boost

Mophie Outs Juice Pack Power Station, Boost And Reserve


Mophie hit the market as an innovator, but now it would seem that they’ve been relegated to producing run of the mill battery packs.  Today, the company announced the juice pack reserve, boost and power station.  I can’t find a picture or details of the power station, but it’s presumably...