Monthly Archives: June 2010


Colorware Offers A Rainbow Of Segways


Colorware is in the business of colorizing just about anything electronic out there — iPads, HDTVs, laptops, you name it. So the fact that they’re now colorizing Segway’s Segway I2 is not very surprising, but still cool. They’ll put whatever color you want on different parts of the Segway, including...


iOS Update To Fix Reception Issue?


Hmm, well this is interesting. It looks like the left-handed iPhone 4 reception issue may in fact be a software error. How does that make sense when it has to do with physical contact? Well, according to sources, the handling of the iPhone that causes the dropped calls is because...


Celebrate The World Cup With Cheap Plastic Gadgets


As many are aware, the World Cup is ongoing right now and kicking into high gear. If vuvuzelas aren’t your bag in terms of showing your team spirit, the Jules Rimet Trophy Flash Drive celebrates the World Cup in style — oh wait, its just a cheap plastic on a flash...


The eMachines Mini-e ER1402 Is A Slick Nettop


Nettops are a perfect combo of size and affordability, even if their not exactly powerful machines. eMachines latest, the Mini-e ER1402, sports a cool integrated stand that sets it apart stylistically from its peers. Specs-wise, this PC is packing an AMD Athlon II Neo CPU, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 GPU, 2GB DDR3...


WarMouse Meta Is One Hardcore Mouse


For hardcore gamers, getting the best keyboard/mouse/gaming rig aren’t options, they’re necessities. Which is why premium-priced mice like the WarMouse Meta exist. This thing’s packing a 5600-CPI laser sensor and 18 user-customizable buttons, and will ship with software that has 25 default modes for a bunch of popular games and...


This Modded Game Boy Arcade Cabinet Is Amazing


Here’s a little nostalgia to end the week — an original Game Boy for you, first launched in 1989. Some modders took the venerable handheld and turn it into a not so portable, but awesome little arcade unit that plays Mario Land, Pokemon, and all the other great Game Boy...


StealthArmor Fixes iPhone 4 Reception Issues?


Only days ago, the StealthArmor was simply another type of iPhone case, albeit an interesting one because it’s not really a case, just an adhesive that kept the phone’s profile slim still. Now, the protective covering could become popular as a solution to the reception issues that many iPhone 4...


The RetroN 3 Plays NES, SNES & Genesis Games


If you weren’t aware, the license for manufacturing NES, Genesis, and SNES consoles has been open for a few years now, so we’ve seen a bunch of third-party manufacturers come up with their own takes on those classic game systems. This one, the RetroN 3, manages to combine all three. It...


Have No Friends And Want To FaceTime? Call Apple


So here’s a scenario: you just got your fancy brand new iPhone 4, and you want to FaceTime with a person. (FaceTime is a verb now. I just invented it.) Sadly, you have no friends (or really, no friends with an iPhone 4, which is quite possible). Well, just call up...