Nintendo 3Ds

Before you get too excited please note that this image is a sketch by a Chinese blogger who claims to have a 3DS development kit.  That top screen you see would be the 3D part, which is the one that we heard Sharp is manufacturing and doesn’t require glasses to see the third dimension.   The camera from the DSi will still be present and it’s rumored that Nintendo will be adding an enhanced accelerometer, which may or may not replace the need for an analog stick.

But alas, at this point there are no official leaks on what the Nintendo 3DS will officially look like or what hardware will be used.  We’re fairly confident the basic form factor – one touchscreen, one not – will remain the same.  3D is the buzz word this year and with a variety of TVs on the market sporting the tech we’re not surprised if all gaming plans to head in that direction before 2011 arrives, though it will be sometime until it’s effective, properly used and widely adopted.

Update: The mockup is actually by Kotaku’s Michael Fahey, who based it on a Chinese blogger’s sketch.


Christen Costa

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