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NOTE: This review is very much subjective and does not include official screen tests and benchmarks.  The LG E2350 was tested using a Macbook Pro (pre unibody) and an Xbox 360.

The LG Flatron E2350V is a 23-inch LED backlit LCD monitor featuring a black glossy frame.  It includes a stand, a touch control system and DVI cord in the box.  The monitor’s depth is 17.5mm and weighs just under 7 pounds.  Inputs include HDMI, DVI and VGA.  There are no speakers.

Official specs include a 1920×1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time and 68% color gamut.

The lower right corner of the monitor sports 7 touch buttons, one of which is used to toggle the power on and off.  Touch any of these (except the power button) and it will bring up the E2350′s internal menu.  We’re not huge fans of most touch controls since we find them more challenging to use than convenient, but all in all LG’s version was relatively pain free.  In this particular instance the touch controls help maintain the monitor’s aesthetic by not disrupting the frame’s glossy black finish.  If you so choose you can turn off the power and menu button indicator lights, which stream lines the black frame all the more.

LG E2350V 23-inch LCD Monitor - 7

The included stand doesn’t offer much in the ways of adjustability.  You can’t rotate or increase the stands height.  What you can do, though, is tilt the stand back and forth.  There is a button locking mechanism which allows for about a 15 degree variability in angle.  Push the button at the rear of the stand and you can kick the monitor back up to 90 degrees making it parallel to the floor.  For what purpose we don’t know, but we guess it’s nice to have the option.  The stand won’t fall over from an accident bump, but will wobble around.

LG E2350V 23-inch LCD Monitor - 4

If you’re concerned about your energy consumption, and eyes, LG offers a feature that monitors the content being viewed and adjusts its brightness accordingly.  If this feature is enabled you will not be able to manually adjust the monitor’s brightness level. This feature will also monitor the ambient light in the room and should turn down the brightness if you go from a well light work space to a dark work space and vice versa.

As with LCD monitors viewing angle is always limited.  Surprisingly, the E2350 was still visible from about a 30 degree angle, although brightness and clarity were significantly diminished.

LG E2350V 23-inch LCD Monitor - 6

In terms of all over visual performance the E2530 faired pretty well.  The blacks were very black and the colors, while not eye popping, held up well and seemed to accurately represent the RGB spectrum.  For the most part, though, the E2350′s brightness was lacking, which ironically maybe a contributor to its solid black levels.

Visually text was not as clear when compared to my Macbook Pro’s monitor and appeared to have some convergence issues, displaying a slight ghosting effect.  Another hurdle we faced was finding a sweet spot for the contrast.  Set too high and the light grays were washed out of the screen.  Set too low and the monitor would become uselessly dark.

LG E2350V 23-inch LCD Monitor - 3

We connected the E2350v to an Xbox 360 and checked out MW2.  While useable for gaming, the colors and overall image were lack luster compared to some bigger screen LCD LED TVs, such as Samsung’s UN46C6300.

Overall the LG Flatron E2350v is decent monitor.  We largely used it a second screen and it served it’s purpose well.  Web videos, such as Youtube seemed to be impacted most by the screen’s lack luster brightness.  The text convergence issue made it challenging for long term reading, so if you’re a big blog reader or like to get your news online you might want to look else where for an LCD monitor.

Amazon has it for $280.


  • Good blacks
  • Slim design
  • Easy to use


  • Poor contrast ratio
  • Text appeared to have convergence issues
  • Stand lacks height and rotation adjustment

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