JVC Kaboom RV-NB50 iPod Boombox Review

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JVC Boombox - 8
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13 Comments to JVC Kaboom RV-NB50 iPod Boombox Review

  1. Mikelynne8

    I bought one to replace my 5 year old NB20 but after comparing them side by side I quickly sent the NB50 back to the store.  I conduct dance lessons and hold medium size dances with the 20 and people like the sound.  I was hoping to use a memory stick for music but that doesn’t work because I can’t arrange a playlist on it and using an Ipod could work but is difficult because of the limited control available. 

  2. Thanks for the review! Two questions for clarification:

    1. Does the RV-NB50 have an auxiliary mini-jack audio input, or not? Chexin51, below, says not, Amazon says yes: “For additional flexibility, there’s a front audio input.” Which is it?

    2. “…and there’s even an separate after market car plug…”
    Do you mean I can POWER the unit through a car accessory power plug (“cigarette lighter”)? Or that I can simply run the sound through an accessory AUDIO plug output. Would appreciate a clarification. Ideally, I'm looking for something for car camping, so powering a unit through by a 12V car accessory (“cigarette lighter”) power hookup would be ideal. If not this, any suggestions on other ipod amplifier products?

    • I cant find the damn auxillary for this boombox. I bought it a month ago and was extremely pissed that it doesnt have one, just an audio cord. good thing i have the touch, or ive definitely return it.

      • Thanks, Jimmy, very useful info. Your advice matches chexin51. Looks like Amazon's description is wrong. Where did you get yours? I can't find one at any local store to check it out.

  3. Great bass – good volume – missing some high frequencies – limited eq presets – beat,pop,flat,clear -one obvious ommission is an audio input to accept any non- IPod mp3 player – JVC wake up and smell the coffee – the USB input will work but you can't see or select songs from your mp3 player – you can use the remote to goto the next song but you don't know which one – this problem can be solved with a USB to Audio adapter such as Griffin IMic for 40 dollars – the best player in its category but it still could be better

    • Neil Richardet

      Correction from chexin51 – the Griffin USB to Audio adapter does NOT work but they did refund my purchase so they are OK. Tried some cables to access the IPod dock connector I get “No IPod” on the display and no sound so I'm still researching for a fix on that front. So far the only way to use a non IPod mp3 player is usung a FM transmitter to access an unused frequency on the FM band but I can only get 80% volume.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I in fact did mention that the remote control was capable of menu navigation and that it would have been easier if you could touch through. Also I didn't praise the iPhone connectivity because nowadays everything should be iPhone compatible.

    Besides that, I aslo made it aware that I was also having connectivity issues with the iPod touch which is clearly pictured on the box as being compatible. This isn't the first time I have experienced this issue with JVC products.

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked the core offering of this product, but the total package could be greatly improved upon.

  5. theres no aux! there are headphone jacks in the back but thats all it does. What if i want to plug in another mp3 player?

  6. I own the JVC RV-Nb 50 Kaboom and I can attest that you can access track and artist without having to open the door and physically handle the iPod. I have an iPod Touch and a Nano and have had no problems. Look at the instructions before writing a review that is unfair and doing a great deservice to your readers next time.
    Scott D.

    • The connectivity has failed with my ipod touch. Just decided to stop working. Ipod appears to be working ok as it charges and sync's with pc. This is what the original review may have been talking about with connectivity issues. I feel the design allows for to much movement of the ipod in the doc.

  7. I own one of these and can understand some of your points. A) The fact it plays the iPhone at all shoud be pointed out as a great feature. This unit is not iphone compatible. A quick view of the directions would have told you that. B) Don't lose the remote….? Same could be said for any TV. C) Seems funny to question the visual design when Sony and others have aggressive designs as well. Sony Xplod for example. This is a Boombox for crying out loud…The Sony stuff is cheaper and does not come close to the sound quality of the JVC. Quite frankly…there is nothing like this on the market today…I looked everywhere. If you need a boom box to play outdoors, or fill a gym…and is built like a Sherman Tank, then this unit is for you. If you need a stylish modern looking desktop unit…to play at low volumes…..well there are hundereds of those….

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