Retina Display Faked-1

Holy shit!  It looks like Steve Jobs pulled a quick one during yesterday’s iPhone 4 unveiling.  Steve said that the iPhone’s screen has improved from 163 ppi to 326 ppi; their new Retina display.  The only problem is that his slides and the new iPhone ad show a number that is up to almost 3x the actual working device.

Retina Display Faked-2

George Ou discovered this after he got a ‘feeling that something wasn’t right’.  He reviewed Steve’s presentation, which demonstrated the clarity of text found on the new iPhone’s screen.  Using some mathematical wizardry, which isn’t clear to me and nor can I verify, he says that the slide depicted a screen resolution of 815ppi, almost 3 times the new iPhone.  Additionally, the new iPhone ad (above) shows the screen sporting a 489ppi, which is more than 100ppi over the claimed spec.  This one is a bit easier to digest since George’s pixel box clearly shows the benchmark that Apple set with their first screen.  Stil skeptical?  George also goes on to show what a 2x and 4x improvement looks like.  See, it’s actually 4x the improvement, not two, which is really how much the iPhone 4′s screen has improved over the last iteration of the device.

PPI Benchmark

It is possible that Apple understated the reoslution of the old iPhone in these screens, but in either case it’s a blatant exaggeration on the part of Apple.  I’m an Apple fan, but where does it stop?  Their battery claims are also vastly exaggerated and don’t even get me started when it comes to 3G connectivity speeds.


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