Now here’s a type of drive I can get excited about. At Computex, LG unveiled the HyDrive, a compelling product that combines an SSD and Blu-Ray reader into one combined drive. Connected through SATA II, the SSD features 64GB of NAND flash memory and read/write speeds of 175MB/60MB per second, respectively, while the Blu-ray is, well, a Blu-ray reader.

CultofMac thinks that, given Apple’s minimalist aesthetic, a combined Blu-ray/SSD would finally entice the company to adopt support for the HD format and let them design their notebooks in an even more efficient way. The SSD speeds and Blu-ray support would certainly be a brand new selling point, and the extra space would give Apple excuses to come up with even better upgrades. With the HyDrive hitting stores in August at an undisclosed price, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Chris Gullo