ASUS debuted a slew of new products at Computex, one of which is the O!Play HD2 media center. This thing has the honor of being the world’s first media center with USB 3.0 support, so plugging in an external USB 3.0 HDD will get unbelievable transfer speeds. The HD2 supports playback of 7.1-channel audio and 1080p video, comes with a 3.5-inch HDD, NAS support, and even the Opera browser, which lets users search Google, browse social networking sites, and stream thousands of online radio stations from their living room.

A release date and pricing for the O!Play HD2 are currently unavailable.

The ASUS O!Play HD2 supports the playback of a wide array of multimedia formats and is the world’s first media player to support USB 3.0 for ten times faster data transfers compared to current USB 2.0-based players. It is equipped with a large capacity 3.5″ hard disk drive and NAS support, allowing it to store and stream multimedia files without any hassle. The O!Play HD2 also comes preinstalled with Opera browser, delivering live online streaming of over 20,000 radio stations. Users can now perform Google searches, visit Facebook, news websites such as and, and download photos from Picasa/Flicker—right from the comfort on their living room sofas. In addition, the O!Play HD2 boasts full HD audio bitstream support that delivers uncompressed 7.1-channel sound output for stunning surround sound.

Chris Gullo