Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

Red Dead Coop Mission Pack Fixed, Now Playable


If you downloaded Red Dead’s coop mission pack yesterday than you probably know that it was unplayable.  Good news.  Rockstar says they’ve issued an update that fixed the bug. We’ve implemented a fix for issues with the DLC that caused problems with Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. It’s now live on...

Neptune Flipper Concept

Neptune Flipper Concept (video)


Everyday I take for granted my ability to run, walk and even swim.  Not Richard Stark, a Swede who built, tested and designed the Neptune.  It’s a prosthetic flipper for leg amputees and its got a variety of adjustments that make it one bad ass piece of tech.  There is...

touchscreen imac

Gadget Rumor: Touchscreen iMac, To Run OS X And iOS


Rumors of a touchscreen iMac surfaced today.  Word is that it will run both OS X and a version of iOS (the iPhone/iPad software).   If true, Apple is set to hold a special event to announce the new product/iteration within the next 60 days.  Course, you could just drop some...


Border’s Kobo E-Reader Gets A Price Cut Too…Sort Of


Earlier this week we had both the Kindle and Nook lower their prices in what looks to be the beginning of some intense e-reader wars. How do we know? Well, Barnes and Noble’s Kobo, which retails for $149, now comes with a $20 gift card for use in Borders e-book...


This Litetouch Keyboard Has An Touchscreen Keypad


This 2.4GHz Mad Catz Wireless Litetouch Keyboard is missing a keypad, but what is has instead is even better — a touch-sensitive area that alternates between that numeric keypad, multimedia controls, and twelve customizable icons that go to websites and more. In addition, a trackball resides just below the touchpad which...


Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Is Finally Here


It looks like we were a little premature in our Droid X debut, saying that Android 2.2 would hit sometime in the middle of the summer. No, Froyo is out today in a nice little surprise from Google. It’s totally open-source, of course, and offers a wealth of new improvements...


Apple Confirms White iPhone 4 Delay Until Mid July


Apple has issued a brief press release (and by brief, I mean two sentences) that confirms the unavailability of the white iPhone 4 at launch — instead, it’s going to hit sometime in the middle of July. The white models have been “more challenging to manufacture than expected,” which has...

iPhone 4 iFixit

iPhone 4 Torn Apart


The iPhone 4 isn’t even officially out and yet iFixit has already managed to tear it apart.  Confirmed is 512mb of RAM.  Removing the battery is easy once the back panel assembly is out of the way, which sounds as simple as removing the two small screws at the bottom. ...


DROID X Official, Arrives July 15th for $200


The DROID X will hit Verizon July 15th for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate.  Yes, there is a 4.3-inch touchscreen which we already told you about as well as the ability to capture 720p video.  It will ship with Android 2.1, but expect an over the air update in mid...