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Mezzi 15-inch Black Aluminum Suitcase - 1

MEZZI LUXslim Aluminum Laptop Case Review


MEZZI, whose suitcases can be found on “Deal or No Deal” recently sent us one of their laptop cases.  To be totally honest they’re not top notch quality, but they’re good, decent in fact for the money. We got the LUXslim Aluminum Laptop Case in Black.  For $70 it’s definitely...


Apple Releases “Find My iPhone” App


The “Find My iPhone” app works pretty much exactly as advertised, helping locate your phone using its built in GPS. From the app, you can also lock the phone from use and, if need be, delete all your personal data remotely. The app is a free download from the App...


Modder Puts Verizon 3G Into iPad


An enterprising modder has modded his iPad to use Verizon’s 3G network after he was dissatisfied with AT&T’s network (surely, he must be the first person to think this way…not). He removed Apple’s 3G card and replaced it with the innard’s of Verizon’s MiFi, which lets users create hotspots on...


Behold: The Solar Powered Air Conditioner


Technically, this is only a partially solar powered conditioner, from LG. This thing still uses electricity, since air conditioners suck up power like nobody’s business, but it will take some energy from the photovoltaic solar cells on its top. The panel delivers about 70 watts a charge, which will lower...


New LEGO Imperial Shuttle Is Massive


Gizmodo got their hands on an exclusive look at LEGO’s upcoming Imperial Shuttle set, and wow, is it cool. This baby stands 28 inches tall, has deployable wings, two laser cannons, landing gear, and features 2,504 individual pieces and 5 mini-figs: Darth Vader, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper and Luke...


Olympus Releases X560WP & T100 Digicams


Olympus two new cameras this week, the the waterproof X560WP and 12MP T100. The X560WP can work at depths of up to 10 feet, includes automatic scene detection, auto correction tools, 3X optical zoom, image stabilization, and face detection. The T100 also has face tracking and 3X zoom, VGA video...

Gaems Portable gaming suitcase

GAEMS Suitcase Turns Any Xbox 360 Portable (update)


Update: We now have pics, specs, launch date and price of the GAEMS case. Travel much?  Love to game?  Then you need, yes need the Gaems Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment system.  It’s a protective suitcase that securely holds your gaming console.  Pictured here is an Xbox 360 Elite, but...

MobileMe Mail

MobileMe Mail Now Available To All


Think MobileMe and you think iPhone wireless syncing (plus all the hurdles to get it to work).  Fresh out of beta is MobileMe Mail at me.com.  It’s pretty much a web interface that mimics the iPad’s mail app.  It should be available as part of your MobileMe subscription…we think.  Wanna...


Schiit Audio’s Amps Hopefully Don’t Sound Like…You Know


Schiit Audio has a ridiculous name, and the best part is, the company totally did it on purpose. They specialize in tube and solid state amps. Their website says the name derives from “a proud German name, host to a long line of audio engineers who slaved away in crumbling Teutonic...


LEGO Buffet Table Warns You To Not Eat The LEGO Pieces


Personally, I never get tired of LEGO inventions, and boy there are a lot of them.This LEGO Buffet Table is no exception, created by Droog Design. It’s constructed out of a whopping 25,000 LEGO pieces. You better hope you don’t lose one piece if you want to finish this thing. It’s...