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The Hatcam Should Be Renamed To The Crashcam


The Hatcam isn’t exactly what we’d deem as genius, but for those of you looking for some first person perspective on the cheap for all your wicked and wild stunts than this is probably the best answer.  Don’t blame us, though, if you crash and burn because you can’t see...

Kinect Amazon

Amazon Posts Kinect, Ships November 4th For $150


If you needed any further proof that Microsoft’s Kinect will ship this November 4th for $149.99, then look no further than the web’s largest retailer, Amazon.com.  They’ve now posted the Kinect system for preorder and it ships and sells for the same price as the Gamestop leak we saw a...

Screen shot 2010-06-17 at 5.34.31 PM

The Oval USB Turntable Is One Slickly Designed Record Player


So you want to get the CD/Vinyl hybrid, but don’t have a record player? Enter the Oval USB Turntable from Crosley. This stylishly designed turntable features a nice protective cover, 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM playback of 7″ and 12″ vinyl, USB power, and the ability to easily digitize...


KiFit Armband Monitors Your Health Automatically


The KiFit is an awesome device. It measures pretty much every aspect of your body’s health, from the calories you burn, your temperature, moisture level, to how many hours you sleep, to see whether not you’re living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great idea, and while products like the Nike+ have done...


Baroque Surface Table Is The Classiest Touchscreen You’ll Ever See


Microsoft’s Surface multitouch table hasn’t exactly gotten the popular approval of the iPad, but that doesn’t mean that it’s large form factor isn’t perfect for some really cool applications. The company MTS – DOC took the Surface and fitted it inside a variety of high quality tables, calling it the...


The iPhone 4 Has 512MB RAM For Multitasking Goodness


Despite Apple being rather tight lipped about the exact CPU and RAM specs for the iPhone 4, MacRumors has verified that the device does indeed have 512MB RAM. That’s twice as much as the 3G, 3GS, and even the iPad. That extra RAM will come in handy with all the...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS Hands On (pics galore)


Yesterday we hit E3 and got a hands on with the Nintendo 3Ds.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us take any pics of it turned on or shoot any video while someone was playing it.  Some of the pics came out kind of blurry due to bad lighting and user error....

Front Door Solar Panel Light

Solar Powered Front Door Light With Motion Detector


Looking for some added security for your home’s front door?  The Solar Over Door PIR Light is a completely self contained motion sensing light that turns on when it detects movement.  It requires no wiring since the power is drawn from the built-in solar panels – perfect for those renting. ...