Daily Archives: June 15, 2010

Natal Cirque De Soleil - 1

Natal Cirque De Soleil Experience (video)


Last night we attended the second, as in not official Xbox 360 Natal Cirque De Soleil event.  Our experience?  A positive yet unusual one.  Microsoft is smart (I know, I never thought I’d find myself saying that).  The word of mouth marketing they’ll get out of these two events will...


T-Mobile’s Phones (All Of Them) Are Free On Father’s Day


In a very interesting promotion, T-Mobile is offering every phone in their stores free on Father’s Day, June 19th, with these qualifications: you need to either start a new family plan or add a new line to an existing family plan, and start a two year contract. But if you...


These High Heel Speakers Are Fashion Forward


These high heel speakers are a little odd, I’ll admit. I’m not sure whether a girl would actually want these on their desk — I’m thinking the audience here lies in more, uh, fringe members of society.  They’re from Japanese, are powered by USB, and have an output of 3W x 2ch,...


PlayStation Move Hits September 19th For $50


The PlayStation Move, Sony’s motion controller,  finally has an official release date and pricing (and required bundles — what game company doesn’t love bundles?) That headline’s pricing is a little misleading, since the Move requires the PlayStation Eye to work — there will be a PlayStation Move “Sports Champions” bundle...


Sony Announces PlayStation Plus For $50 A Year


Sony has joined Microsoft’s ranks in offering a premium version of their free PlayStation Network service, announced today at E3. PSN Plus will set gamers back $50 a year, with online multiplayer still free for all users. That money gets you a boatload of stuff, including a new full game...

Nintendo 3ds official

Official: Nintendo 3Ds


Nintendo’s 3Ds portable gaming console was finally unveiled today.  As rumored, it will have 3D and won’t require the use of glasses.  Nintendo has beefed up the hardware to produce almost Wii worthy graphics, at least according to some reporters on hand at today’s E3 unveiling.  There’s built-in WiFi, support...