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Digidude Mini Tripod Eats Hello Kitty For Breakfast


Name aside, the Digidudes will surely prove helpful.  Sure, they’re a bit on the gimmicky side, but how many times have you been out and about and realized you need a portable tripod to achieve that perfect shot.  The almost keyring sized device hides a mini collapsible tripod.  Just unscrew...

HTC Aria

AT&T HTC Aria Launch Date And Price


Until today AT&T’s selection of Android phones was rather sparse to say the least.  But, now coming June 20th the carrier will begin to sell the HTC Aria, an affordable handset with the Google OS.  It will ship with Android 2.1 (we hope you can upgrade to 2.2) and of...

Iron Man 2 Statue

Iron Man 2 Statue Glows With Fury


Call me a sucker, but this 13-inch tall Iron Man statue is detail sweetness.  How detailed you ask?  The hands, eyes, chest and base light up thanks to a set of mini built-in LED lights.  It’ll cost you, though, $130 to be exact. Read...


Rumor: This Is The New Xbox 360 (video)


An Italian website has accidentally released an ad for the new Xbox 360, which should making its official debut this week at E3. According to the ad, the new console features a smaller, more angular design, a 250GB HDD, and 802.11n WiFi, eliminating the need for the super expensive official...

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A Date, Finally: Microsoft Kinect Arrives This November


Finally, marketing materials have laid down a November release date for the Kinect. But still no price! Will it be $100? Probably not. $200? That’s pushing it. $150 seems about right. I’m sure we’ll find out after they unveil the new Xbox 360, though we’re not supposed to know about...


The USBTypewriter Merges Old And New Tech (video)


No, you didn’t see that image wrong, and you certainly didn’t fall through a Steampunk time warp where GadgetReview reports on the latest typewriter wares in Victorian London (though wouldn’t that be awesome?). That typewriter, the USBTypewriter, is a fully digital and even iPad compatible keyboard. It’s the creation of a modder...

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The Phoenix DIY Roller Coaster Is Awesome (video)


The Phoenix Roller Coaster kit allows kids to build a fully functional coaster, over four feet long, complete with a full loop. The model even uses a dispatch button and a shoulder restraint system that knows when to release and lock in at the starting area. For true geekery, the...

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iPhone 4 Pre-Orders At Best Buy Start Tomorrow


Well, an official announcement has put an end to the “rumor” part of Best Buy’s iPhone 4 availability. They’ll be stocking Apple’s latest smartphone come June 24th, with preorders starting tomorrow, day and date with Apple. Oh, and they’ll have a leg up on Wal-Mart, whose selling the device but...