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LG E2350V 23-inch LCD Monitor - 1

LG FLATRON E2350V 23-inch LED Monitor Review


NOTE: This review is very much subjective and does not include official screen tests and benchmarks.  The LG E2350 was tested using a Macbook Pro (pre unibody) and an Xbox 360. The LG Flatron E2350V is a 23-inch LED backlit LCD monitor featuring a black glossy frame.  It includes a...

Tent Jacket - 15

JakPak Tent Jacket Review

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Some things were meant to go together.  Peanut butter and chocolate is a prime example.  Other things, while sounding good on paper, just don’t work as well when it comes to the final product.  The JakPak Tent Jacket is one of those products.  Extremely niche’ in its approach, the JakPak...

JVC Boombox - 8

JVC Kaboom RV-NB50 iPod Boombox Review


Truth be told, at the end of the day most iPod speaker docks just aren’t loud enough.  Sure they may sound good, but often end up distorted when cranked at a higher volume.  If they even can get that loud.  The JVC RV-NB50 does not suffer this problem.  While not...


Kube MP3 Player Is Cute, Makes You Hip


For those on the cutting edge of cool MP3 players, the Kube is right up your alley. It holds 8,000 songs from up to 32GB microSD memory, has a six hour rechargeable battery, and easily fits in the palm of your hand and — well, it’s a cute little cube....

Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 5.27.09 PM

ESPN Bringing Live HD Content To Xbox Live With ESPN3


ESPN and Microsoft announced today that the sports network is bringing over 3,500 sports games to Xbox Live through their ESPN3 service, most of which will be live and in high definition. There will also be replays, special events, and other special content. You’ll need Xbox Live Gold, but that...


Flexible Skewers Keep Grilling Easy


It’s summer, and summer means grilling. These flexible skewers, from Fire Wire, allow you to cook your kebobs any way you want, curving them to fit the shape of your grill (or any shape you want, really). You can even marinate them while on the skewer, since you can twist...


Integrated Technology Coffee Table Charges All Your Gadgets


Here’s a great idea I can’t believe didn’t happen sooner. This coffee table, constructed out of white enamel and orange translucent acrylic, features a variety of charging ports for you and your friends that are visiting. There are concealed ports including USB, electrical, and an iPod dock. And it’s got a...


Starbucks To Offer Free WiFi Starting July 1st


Starbucks tweeted today that they’re going to be offering free WiFi to customers at all US locations starting July 1st. Not exactly a gadget news, but I figure that enough of our readers visit Starbucks with their iPhone, laptop, iPad, etc. that the news would prove beneficial to them. You...

Kinect Price and Ship Date

Gadget Leak: Kinect Price And Ship Date


Here’s some more Microsoft gaming news for you to pine over: the Kinect will cost $150.  Ouch.  That’s more than we expected or that was rumored.  If the Gamestop leak is to be believed you’ll pay $300 for the Arcade system and Kinect, and $400 for the Elite system and...

Xbox 360 Slim

Official: Xbox 360 Slim, Now With WiFi


This morning an advert leaked depicting what appeared to be a new, slimmer Xbox 360.  Today, Microsoft unveiled the machine and although we won’t see a price decrease you can expect a smaller form factor and built-in WiFi N.  About time Microsoft.  Do you know how long we’ve been waiting...