Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Droid 2

Gadget Leak: Motorola DROID 2 (video)


We liked the DROID and can only think of a few things that could have been improved in the handset.  Processor upgrade?  You bet, and it looks like the DROID 2 (A955), which leaked earlier this week, will get a bump from 550mhz to 750mhz.  The keyboard was also another...

Nintendo 3Ds

Nintendo 3DS Mock Up


Before you get too excited please note that this image is a sketch by a Chinese blogger who claims to have a 3DS development kit.  That top screen you see would be the 3D part, which is the one that we heard Sharp is manufacturing and doesn’t require glasses to...


LEGO Sniper Rifle Is Fully Working (video)


An ingenious custom modder has created a fully working Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle out of LEGO Technics. It shoots LEGOs, it has a real reload and accurate aim — everything. I can’t believe the creativity of some of these guys. Check out the video to see if yourself....

1 opc

Orange’s OPC Amp Gets Full Specs And Pricing


Back in April, we brought you the awesome news that British amp maker Orange was releasing the OPC, a PC inside a fully working Orange amp. Now, Orange has finally released full specs for the hybrid device. The OPC features a high end 24 bit audio 5.1 interface, which should...


Sensor Pasta & Kitchen Timer Makes Perfect Pasta Idiot Proof


While the DoneRight Kitchen Timer we featured yesterday is perfect for the accomplished cooker looking to multitask, some guys aren’t so clever in the kitchen. That’s where the Sensor Pasta & Kitchen Timer comes in. This thing is so simple, yet so useful – -attach it to the side of...


Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z All-In-One Puts Business In The Front


Logitech is aiming for the business world with their new ThinkCenter M90z all-in-one Touchscreen PC. The 23-inch touchscreen display promises a powerful workhouse for an AIO PC — it houses Core i3 or i5 CPUs, a webcam, HDD or SSD option, and DDR3 RAM in its slim profile. It’s also...


Spyder III Portable Laser Is A Lightsaber, Basically


Wow. They invented a lightsaber. Yes, I knew about high power lasers already, but the Spyder III Portable Laser from Wicked Lasers is in a class all by itself. With the ability to set things on fire and permanently blind people, due to its 1W beam taken from Casio’s Green...