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The Boxee Box Is Delayed Until November


The Boxee Box from D-Link, the official HTPC that promises to run Boxee and 1080p streaming content for an affordable price, has been delayed until November. The news hit from Avner Ronen, Boxee’s CEO, amidst anticipation for what was supposed to be a release of the box around this time....

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Remote Roasting Thermometer

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I always like to roast my meats from afar.  At least that’s what I’d have you believe if I owned the Remote Roasting Thermometer.  The Williams Sonoma website implies that you can jam the thermometer portion into the meat, stuff it back in the oven and when the meat is...

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New Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Video Reveals More Characters (video)


A new Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 trailer hit the web today, showing off two new characters — Dante and Deadpool. Both badass additions from their respective Capcom and Marvel universes. They join other series classics like Ryu and Wolverine, along with new characters like Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield. This game is...

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Wal-Mart To Carry iPhone 4 On Launch


Well, it looks like Wal-mart is getting Apple’s newest smartphone for a 0-day launch, a first for Apple. Wal-mart announced today that they’re going to be selling the iPhone 4 on June 24th. Apple sells the iPhone through other vendors, but they usually wait a little while before doing so....

Orange Power Wellies

These Hot Boots Can Charge Your Portable Devices


Orange UK has once again partnered with GotWind to develop yet another conceptual product that will probably never see the light of day.  The Orange Power Wellies can charge up your gadgets thanks to a built-in battery and some new fangled tech that can convert temperature changes into power.  So...


Adobe Officially Launches Flash 10.1, Batteries Sigh In Relief


After months of anticipation and beta releases, Adobe’s Flash 10.1 is finally here for Windows, Mac, and Linux. (Flash for smartphones is also being rolled out soon.) 10.1’s release is a fairly large deal when it comes to laptops (and more specifically, netbooks), since its hardware decoding feature promises to...


Say Goodbye To Windows XP On Netbooks


Microsoft reminded manufacturers today that, starting October 22, 2010, they’d no longer be allowed to preinstall Windows XP on netbooks. Microsoft really wants Windows 7 as their netbook OS, even claiming that eighty percent of netbooks come with Windows 7 already. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t find XP online...

Garmin Astro DC 40

Astro DC 40: Hunting Dog GPS Collar


Hunt much?  Dogs are a great companion for the sport, but lose sight of a pooch and you might have a hard time locating the fallen pray.  Fear not, technology, GPS to be specific, is here once again to cheat save the day.  The Garmin Next-Generation Astro GPS Dog Tracking...

Icon iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery Pack Mimics iPhone Icon


Nothing better than some Vaporware than on a Friday.  A company called Essential TPE says they’ve got plans for an iPhone battery pack that mimics the iPhone’s battery icon.  It plugs into the 30-pin dock connector and using EL film on its front panel it displays the battery juice as...

Sony 3D TVs

Sony 3D TVs Now Available For Preorder


Still holding out on that 3D TV purchase so you can buy one from Goliath Sony?  Well, wait no longer.  The consumer electronics manufacture has finally made all of their 3D sets available for pre-order and they’ve got a ‘wizard’ to help you determine what model is just right for...