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Solar Powered Window

Solar Power Windows


And we thought the Energy Curtains were cool.  These windows, which look almost like everyday windows, contain translucent solar cells that capture energy from the sun.  They were unveiled at Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week and come in a few different opacity levels.  The darker the window the more energy it...

Papervore coffee table

Papervore Shredder Coffee Table


Paper Shredders have long been relegated to the dark corners of the home, but no more thanks to the Papervore coffee table.  The mahogany and oak crank shreds whatever documents you place into the table’s top slit.  It’s made from a single piece of powder coated aluminum that has been...

Nokia C7

Gadget Leak: Nokia C7


The details are few and far between, but one of Nokia’s newest phones, the C7, has supposedly leaked into the webosphere.  It’s far from stirring up the kind of publicity the iPhone 4 experienced, but for those looking for a touchscreen phone with a high rez camera and Symbian 5...

Desktop Hover Football

Desktop Hover Football


As a kid I was deprived an air hockey table.  But now you can treat your tike to one of America’s favorite past times all without the size and expense.  Instead of a giant table that includes a fan system that lifts the puck, like in a standard air hockey...


Sanyo’s New Projector Has 2K Resolution And Industry-Best Brightness


Sanyo’s new projector, the LP-HF1000L, is an impressive device, boasting a 2K resolution and a 10,000 lumens brightness, an industry best. Other specs include Sanyo’s QuaDrive optical engine for improved color, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, LAN, an HDMI port, and two 380W NSHA lamps. Yeah, this isn’t the nicest looking...


This Briefcase Is Accessed Via Fingerprint Scanner


For the secret agents looking for additional security (though it can also be used by everyday bloggers), this Fingerprint Briefcase is opened by a fingerprint scanner. Made of nubuck leather and lined with soft suede, the briefcase certainly looks classy enough, and when you show people how you open it,...

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Google’s Homepage Now Customizable


In a very Bing-esque move, Google is now offering a plethora of custom wallpapers for their search main page, along with the option to upload your own or access photos from your Picasa web albums. Seeing your homepage all colorful is quite a shock if you’re used to white. In...


Logitech Unveils 4 New HD Webcams & Chat Software


Logitech debuted some new HD webcams today, one of which does 1080p video. Using Logitech’s Vid software (as opposed to something like Skype), the calls are apparently the highest quality you can get on the net, provided you have a supported camera, a Windows PC (no Macs for now), and...

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M-Edge Debuts The Guardian, The First Waterproof Kindle Case


The Kindle has been around for a couple years now, so it was surprising to hear that its first waterproof case is finally hitting stores. The Guardian Case, by M-Edge, brings waterproofing of up to one meter underwater to Amazon’s e-reader, and fits both first and second gen Kindles (sorry,...