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Midnight Blue DSi XL

Midnight Blue DSi XL Coming To The US July 11th


Another day another new color for the DSi XL.  Nintendo Japan released 3 new colors for their version of the DSi XL not too long ago and now the company, perhaps in the hopes of keeping things fresh and procuring what is cheap advertising, has announced an all new color...

Sony A290 and A390

Sony Slips Out Consumer Friendly A290 And A390 DSLR Cameras


Sony today kicked out two new DSLR cameras, the A290 and A390.  Both include a 14.2 megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, memory card slot, SDHC card slot, and what Electronistsa says is a simplified control layout and redesigned grip for a more comfortable hold.  The difference between the two models...

Shrub Rover

Terrestrial Shrub Rover (video)


Sneak attack!  Finally, someone (Justin Shull) built a movable shrub, just like in the cartoons.  It’s officially called the Terrestrial Shrub Rover, an electrically powered shrub on wheels that seems to have no problems moving over roads and grass.  Inside is room for one and 3 LCD cameras.  In the...

Bluetooth 2 in1 Headseat Wrist Watch

2-in-1 Bluetooth Wrist Watch

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It’s a wristwatch.  No, wait.  It’s a Bluetooth headset.  No, it’s both!  The 2-in-1 Bluetooth Handsfree Wristwatch Headset is actually a Bluetooth headset with a giant display on it.  Included is a wrist watch mount so you can wear it like a time piece.  If you receive an incoming call...


Macintosh Classic iPad Stand Is Totally Retro (video)


Some enterprising Japanese modder has created the Macintosh Classic iPad stand, made from, you guessed it, an old Mac. It’s pretty funny how the size of the iPad allows it to fit within the Mac’s chassis so well. Just goes to show you how far we’ve come in twenty years....


Panasonic Unveils 152-Inch 3D Display, The World’s Largest


As part of a new lineup of HDTVs hitting stores this fall, Panasonic recently showed off sets with some ridiculous sizes, including 85-inch, a 103-inch, and the TH-152UX1, a 152-inch 4K 3D set with a 5,000,000:1 contrast rati. Panasonic says they’re only for “professional” users, though. Not sure what exactly...

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WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player Adds Netflix Support


Western Digital brought some nice upgrades to its WD TV Live player today with the release of its successor, the WD TV Live Plus HD. The biggest addition is the support of Netflix’s Instant Watch streaming service, but there’s also some other welcome new features, like access to the entire...