Daily Archives: June 9, 2010

22 Person Foosball Table

22 Person Nike Foosball Table


What’s big and red all over?  Nike’s 22 person foosball table, located at their Nike Stadium Milan store in Italy.   It’s most certainly a head turner.  One problem though: the table is so damn big your action is gonna be minimal.  Thank you, but I’ll stick with my standard sized...

Energy Curtain

Energy Curtain Harvests The Sun’s Rays


Windows lets sun shine in. Conversely, curtains keep the light out. The Energy Curtain makes the best of both worlds by harvesting the sun’s rays and uses it to power the fabrics light emitting fabric. So, effectively the conceptual product keeps the sun out on hot summer days while providing...


ReflexDock Pro Brings Your iPhone 4 To Your HDTV


The ReflexDock Pro isn’t the first iPod/iPhone Dock to output video, but it does have the distinction of being compatible with the new iPhone 4 while sporting a stylish design. It’ll output the phone’s 720p video content to your HDTV while charging the phone, and it can also sync to...


T3 Transforming Robot Is Solar Powered


The T3 Transforming Solar Robot is a pretty ingenuous idea for a kid’s toy. Kids assemble the robot, which has seventy parts but only requires a screwdriver as a tool, which once completed then transforms into either a tank or a scorpion via solar cell energy. Education! Robots! What more...


First 3D PS3 Games Arrive Tomorrow


Sony updated the PSN today in anticipation of the arrival of the console’s first 3D-equipped games tomorrow. The titles are WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain, and a MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo. You’ll need a 3D-equipped TV and stereoscopic glasses to take advantage of the option. What big 3D games...

GorillaTorch Flare

GorillaTorch Flare For Roadside Assistance


Joby, we like your products, but the incessant product iterations are beginning to wear thin.  Today, the company announced the GorillaTorch Flare.  Much like the GorillaTorch it includes an LED flashlight, magnetic feet and their lovable bendable arms that seem to fix to just about anything.  Added to this version...