Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Retina Display Faked-1

iPhone 4 Retina Display Faked By Steve Jobs


Holy shit!  It looks like Steve Jobs pulled a quick one during yesterday’s iPhone 4 unveiling.  Steve said that the iPhone’s screen has improved from 163 ppi to 326 ppi; their new Retina display.  The only problem is that his slides and the new iPhone ad show a number that...

Booq iPad Spacesuit

iPad Spacesuit Won’t Float, Might Bounce


The iPad is selling like hot cakes – 2 million and counting.  Booq is once again jumping on that gravy train and today launched the Taipain Spacesuit XS iPad case.  It’s effectively a neoprene sleeve for your iPad and leaves nothing, not even the screen exposed to scratches or dings...


Speakal iCrystal Dock Is Super Futuristic


Speakal’s got an interesting design going on with their new iCrystal Dock. Two spherical pods house an illuminated teardrop design with an ambient blue light around the rim of the speaker. Basically, they look cool. Touch controls on the base adjust the volume and tracks as well. No word yet...


Scarab Concept Car Takes Down Perps With Robotic Justice


This Scarab Concept car looks awesome, and its job is to participate in high speed chases, something usually  reserved for action movies. Its purpose would be to track down speeding vehicles — an officer would tag the offending driver and the automated, riderless Scarab would speed along and catch up...


Colored Bumpers Are Apple’s First Official iPhone Case


One less impressive but, in retrospect, interesting part of Apple’s announcements yesterday was the announcement of Bumpers for the iPhone 4, Apple’s first foray into an official case for the iPhone. This follows their official iPad case that came out with the device’s April launch. Constructed out of rubber and...


Steve Job’s WWDC 2010 Keynote Now Online


Just in case you want to watch the iPhone 4 unveiling from yesterday (and see Steve Jobs get super pissed about the WiFi in the building not working), Apple has now posted the entire keynote online. See the iPhone 4! See the iOS 4! See black turtlenecks! Read...

Cabon Fiber Laptop Sleeve

Cabon Fiber Laptop Sleeve


Do you sleep and breathe carbon fiber?  Does your car resemble the likes of a shiny polyester suit?  Then you need the Carbon Fiber laptop sleeve. Yup, it’s crafted from actual carbon fiber, or so they say.  The sleeve is completely waterproof and has a soft polar fleece lining, which...

Floating Book Ends

Floating Book Ends


Every bookshelf needs a little pizzaz, right?  These bookend creates the illusion of two floating arrows that press the books together.  In actual fact a metal holder is hidden inside each book placed at the end of the stack that attracts the arrows magnetic tip.  $35 will score you a...


Slip Watch Concept Is Pure, Simple Genius


Nowadays, having a watch is more of a fashion accessory than ever, since there’s a billion gadgets we carry around daily that could tell us what time it is. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing — having a watch always adds a little class to the wearer (unless it’s...