Daily Archives: June 7, 2010


Ozone Trace Is A Professional Gamer’s Mousepad


Ozone, a PC gamer accessory company, has released a new extra large mousepad called the Trace specifically created for professional gamers (though I’m sure hardcore gamers can also appreciate it). Now, if you’re wondering what makes this mousepad different than any other, it’s all in the layers — four of...


Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Guitar Makes Its Debut


Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock was unveiled last week, the sixth main installment in the Guitar Hero franchise that features over 90(!) songs. Gizmodo got its hands on the game’s new controller, which has some pretty big differences from its previous iterations. The biggest change is an internal one —...


Online Coat Rack Concept Keeps You Dry And Warm Every Day


This is an ingenuious concept — an online-enabled coat rack that checks the internet for the day’s weather and shows it to you on an analog display, even nagging you to pick up a jacket before you head out. It’s functional, well-designed, and just a good conversation starter. Now, you...


AT&T Moves Up iPhone Upgrade Eligibility For 4G Purchasers


Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 keynote is only hours away, and it looks like everyone is preparing for the big iPhone 4G announcement — especially AT&T, who is letting users become eligible for a phone upgrade months before they were originally scheduled to.¬†Before you start thinking that AT&T are doing this...