Daily Archives: June 7, 2010


iLuv Micro USB Car Charger Keeps Your Gadgets Happy


The iLuv Micro USB Car Charger is pretty self-explanatory, charging any USB device you might own via your car’s cigaratte lighter port. It’s small size has a trade-off, though, since it charges only one USB port at a time. But if you want a small, compact option for replenishing those...


iPhone OS 4 Is Now iOS 4


An interesting part of the WWDC 2010 announcement today was a name change for the iPhone OS, now officially known as the iOS 4. The change makes a lot of sense, since the OS really isn’t iPhone specific anymore — it’s running on the iPad, and if rumors pan out,...

Tiny House

Super Tiny House


Think you live in a small house?  Think again.  Nils Holger Moormann pocket sized house seats up to 4 people at its center and includes a loft bedroom complete with glass ceiling.  It’s not exactly what we’d call practical but pretty much sets the bar for the minimalist movement.  Then...


Cross Spy Camera Is Perfect For Priests, Goths


For those who like to spy on others, the Cross Spy Camera records video with an almost imperceptible camera hidden in a cross necklace. It’s a great idea, but the audience is a little limited — you’re either really into Marilyn Manson or Christian Rock to sport one of these...


Netflix iPhone App Streams Movies Over 3G & WiFi


Part of Steve Job’s WWDC 2010 announcement today that made some iPhone users very happy was the arrival of an official Netflix app to the iPhone. The app’s launch is following a highly popular iPad version that came with that device’s launch in April. The app will feature an app-optimized...

escape Window

eScape Virtual Window (video)


Sky Factory’s eScape window isn’t a window.  In fact it’s a 40-inch HD LCD tv mounted in a wall to look like a window to the outside.  Which makes me question the over blown price tag of $10,000.  Sure, they include up to 8 hours of HD video captured using...

Zip Up Chair

Zip-Up Chair


What’s it like to sit in a giant bundle of cotton swabs?  I certainly couldn’t tell you but this chair design from Kim In-bo has gotta be the closest thing.  The Zip-up Chair contains a whole mess of giant padded strips.  When you unzip the sheath you can fold or...


iPhone 4 Officially Announced


Steve Jobs officially announced the iPhone 4 at today’s WWDC 2010 keynote, and boy is it impressive. Sure, we already knew what it looked like already (thanks to some illegal manuevers by a certain other tech blog), but having Jobs introduce the phone and detail all of its internal specs...

Mega ExpressCard USB Port

Express Card 5 Port USB Hub


Lack of USB ports cramping your style?  Area-Power’s Mega USB 2.0 Express converts any ExpressCard slot into a 5 port USB hub.  It’s a bit on the chunky side, but it sure beats snaking yet another set of cords to your computer and negating its would be portability.  The only...

R2 Iron Man

Iron Man R2-D2


R2 got sick of his look and decided to bite Tony Stark’s.  Unfortunately, what you’re looking at is a rendering only, but given the popularity of Star Wars and Iron Man I’d expect a real life version to pop up....