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Waterproof LED Flashlight Lets You Record Underwater


Sure, we showed you the RC Plane Camera, but now we’re going the complete opposite of the sky — this waterproof LED flashlight doubles as a camcorder. It records 640 x 480 resolution videos to built-in 4GB memory with one touch recording, which can then be transferred to your computer...


Ridable Giant Mechanical Spider Is Absolutely Terrifying (video)


It feels like every day that new mechanized things are coming out of development that terrify the living crap out of me. This huge, ridable mechanical spider is, you guessed it, no exception. Originally created for the Burning Man competition, then later given some upgrades (flame breath?), the spider weighs...


The iPad Suit Is For The Sartorially Inclined


Say you’re a businessman, with an iPad you love carrying around, but you’re completely averse to putting it in a briefcase (look, just roll with me here). Apparently there were enough of these people complaining about their predicament that New York City’s Mohan Custom Tailers designed a suit specifically for...


Little Horn Speakers Are Antique Looking Speakers With Modern Sound

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Its weird to think that recorded sound isn’t, in the grand scheme of time, a very old invention. It’s fun to look back at the relatively brief history of recording, including gramophones that were popular in the early 20th century. To that end, Specimen Product’s Little Horn Speakers produce modern...


Stormtrooper Wedding Cake Looks Delicious, Imperialistic


While there’s been plenty of Star Wars themed weddings showing up on the web over the years, I never get sick of them — there’s just something so sweet about two people falling in love over a shared enjoyment of lightsaber battles. So with that, I present to you a...


Typhonics Soundproof Tiles Quiet Your Place & Keep The Neighbors Happy

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One of the biggest annoyances of living in an apartment is having thin walls — you don’t want to upset the neighbors with a high noise level, especially during a party, but soundproofing your place just wouldn’t make sense financially. This is where the Typhonic Soundproof Tiles come in. These fashionable...


Cordies Manage All That Pesky Cable Clutter


If you own any sort of electronics, it’s inevitable that you’re going to run into cable clutter, long, tangled lines of cords coming from your laptop, game console, speaker cable, television — pretty much anything you have to plug in. While there’s a variety of solutions of cable clutter, I...


MobileMe Turning Free On Monday?


There’s been a lot of heat on rumors recently of Apple’s paid MobileMe service becoming free, since the features it offers are becoming pretty standard (and free) nowadays from other companies like Google. BoyGeniusReport is lending some fuel to the fire, saying that some users of MobileMe have had their account...