Daily Archives: June 4, 2010


Tron NES Mod Glows In The Dark


With the release date of Tron Legacy inching closer and closer, more and more cool Tron stuff is coming out of the woodwork. After the Tron Sweatshirt, we now have the Tron NES, made by a custom modder. The Tron NES is constructed out of airbrush paint with blacklight sensitive...


Soccer Ball iPod Dock Preps Your House For The World Cup


The World Cup is a huge deal for European football fans (and some Americans), and for the most hardcore of them, what better way to celebrate than by getting the Speakal miSoccer iPod Dock. The 2.1 speaker setup offers 360 degrees of sound — perfect for playing MP3s of team...


Swimways Submergency Water Toy Encourages Kids To Stay Underwater


If you’re planning on going to the pool with a child this summer, you’re bound to get complaints of “I’m bored” from the little tykes. To curb their complaining, the Swimways Submergency water toy looks to offer them lots of underwater fun. You throw the Submergency into the pool, then...


BlackBerry 9300 Curve Unveiled


Images have leaked out today showing a new BlackBerry model, the 9300 Curve. The 9300 updates the Curve 8500 with BlackBerry OS 5.0 or 6.0 (depending on its release date) and includes specs like WiFi, 3G, 256MB RAM and a 320×240 resolution display. A carrier is also unknown, though the people...


Gmail Hoodie Keeps Your Tech Cred Visible


For those dying to show their love for Google’s mail service (and hey — who wouldn’t?), the official Gmail hoodie is now available. Constructed of grey American Apparel material, there’s no word out on whether user themes or labels are available for the hoodie. Maybe when it gets out of...


Rumor: Mac Mini Refresh Coming Soon?


AppleInsider is reporting massive shortages of the Mac Mini, fueling rumors that an imminent refresh of the Mini is coming soon, perhaps on June 6th. They also received a tip that the new models would feature an HDMI port in addition to a mini DisplayPort (rather than the previous generations...