Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

Sprint EVO

HTC EVO Now Available From Sprint


If you ain’t heard, the EVO 4G is now available from Sprint.  This is by far their most powerful phone, offering 3G/4G connectivity, the Android platform, a 4.3-inch touchscreen and hotspot functionality.  Other features include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera, Sprint TV, GPS and a bunch more. Keep...

iPad Magic

Apple Should Hire This iPad Magician (video)


We’ve seen some magic on the iPhone, but nothing compares to street magician Shinya’s performance on the iPad, which just launched in Japan.  I’m guessing he imported one when it was released in the US, but if not than this gentleman deserves an applause for his expedience in creating the...

guitar Hero 6

Guitar 6 Teaser Video (video)


The fuel that flames the Guitar Hero franchise is slowly burning out.  Rightfully so, because they’re on their sixth iteration of the game, which I’m guessing is the last, unless of course Bobby and co greenlight another – it’s all in the numbers.  None the wiser, here is a teaser...

Monster Truck Bicycle

Monster Truck Bicycle (video)


Toss a motor in this thing and then were talking.  Otherwise, this bicycle with a monster truck tire is just straight stupid.  But nonetheless I’m sitting here and writing a post about this over the top contraption.  Why is it that the extreme of anything garners so much attention.  If...

Cantina Star Wars Scene Updated With Hot Celebs (video)

Cantina Star Wars Scene Updated With Hot Celebs (video)


[GR]3Zd_khk6zXo[/GR] The World Cup is now days away from literally kicking off.  adidas, a soccer staple, is of course a massive sponsor.  To make sure you’re watching they’ve put together some viral videos that include celebs from all walks of life.  The latest plays on the Cantina scene in Star...


Panasonic HDC-TM35 Is The World’s Lightest 1080P Camcorder


Panasonic breaks a world record with their new HDC-TM35, the world’s lightest 1080p camera. With dimensions of 51.5×107.5×57.5mm a 185g weight, it certainly lives up to its name. While not as small as something like the Flip, it certainly has better specs, with a 1/41 type MOS sensor, iA 23X zoom AVCHD...


Google’s Chrome OS Hitting Notebooks This Fall


Google VP product management Sundar Pichai revealed today that Chrome, Google’s open-source OS, will be hitting X86 and ARM notebooks this fall. Chrome is a free cloud-centered OS based on Ubuntu Linux and features an interface similar to the Chrome browser. I think there’s going to be some interesting ripples...


Circular Saw Constructed Out Of LEGO (video)


Ever notice that people love making things out of LEGO? Hey, I’m not complaining — there’s something awesome about the versatility of those little building blocks. Here we have a LEGO circular saw, complete with working blade powered by a 9V LEGO battery (the blade’s not LEGO, though). The blade’s...


iView M1Touch Is A 10-Inch iPhone, Basically


Sure, there’s been tons of iPhone knockoffs released in the past few years, but have any of them been ten inches big? Engadget got there hands on such device at Computex, the iView M1Touch, and we have all the specs. The M1Touch is a Windows 7 Premium touchscreen tablet with 2GB...